What has the strength out of illness got to do with professional revolutionaries with and without “quotation marks” ?

The following letter was first written in French on June 12, 1996 by KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice), to the French group Front des Spartacistes (Spartacist Front), which has supported us for some time in the distribution of our books in France.

Apart from the new French Spartacists, there are still Spartacists from the 1920s in Europe. Like the present ones in France, they understood and still understand themselves as anti-capitalist. Even more: the old ones even do understand ours. A woman let us know on May, 20th, 1996: "Wolfgang [SPK/PF(H)] has not only further developed Marx and Engels; thanks to him, the fight against capitalism has taken on a new bite, the struggle has finally come to grips with capitalism”.

This woman was in a concentration camp. Despite her advanced age, her activity in concentration camp committees has received a new impulse since she got to know through us the real causers of the Nazi regime, namely the medical class, as the causers of her participation in the armed struggle at that time and the catastrophe of the failed Spartacist uprising.

Different content, different concerns? This only seems to be the case at first glance. In any case, the necessities are still the same, if they have not even increased strongly meanwhile.

Now to the retranslation of our letter to the French Spartacists of today.


                                                                                                                       KRANKHEIT IM RECHT
                                                                                                                       PATHOPRAKTIK MIT JURISTEN
                                                                                                                       Mannheim, Germany

June 16, 1996


Dear comrades, dear M.,

We have been informed that the Parallèles bookshop in Paris has sold out all five copies of SPK - Faire de la Maladie une Arme (SPK -Turn Illness into a Weapon). So it would be very useful if you could bring them five more copies, again with invoice, like last time. Thank you very much!

Enclosed you will find an information sheet that the book distributor ZAMBON has made about the texts of SPK and PF in Italian - just in case you know comrades in Italy whom you might want to inform.

In addition, we are sending you the conclusions about SPK/PF(H) contained in ASSEMBLEA and INVARIANTI since 1984. Only the present text in this form (résumé) comes from Wolfgang Huber, and the mentioned book distributor ZAMBON had asked us for it. One of you offered to translate this text into French. Please send us this translation back by fax or letter.

This text can help you to grasp more precisely the difference between SPK/PF(H) and groups that, for example, are looking every now and then for literature (including ours!) that is supposed to make it possible to "combine Marxism with psychoanalysis" and the like, which are groups that do not want to get in touch with revolutionary illness, nor with developing Marxism or what they call it, let alone with cracking the myth of psychoanalysis, a myth that has absolutely nothing to do with revolutionary matters, not even in its intention, since even a Wilhelm Reich forbade attacking medicine, not to mention a Freud, C.G. Jung, Fromm, etc. Likewise, the "anti-psychiatrists" who are always and in all cases nothing other than psychiatrists. For example, Laing, who defended his status as a psychiatrist throughout his life. Or, for example, a Szasz, also such a famous "anti-psychiatrist", who is in no way in reality even against psychiatry, let alone against medicine. What he is really "fighting" for is for the (iatro-capitalist) fool’s license, and what he is really fighting against is the revolutionary patients’ class.

An American has written that the SPK/PF(H) has also written books, and more of them and more important ones than all these others, but those of the SPK/PF(H) have first done and are doing what matters, and are also writing for it, in contrary to the others, where the doing is omitted without apology. That is the difference. The others have published their books against society, and at the same time remained seated in their cabinets (cabinet French for cabinet and shithouse) and they cling on to their position (profession), eloquently and sometimes even almost verbosely complaining about the sick and poor society that simply makes people sick and poor. But only SPK/PF(H) has broken with this society and freed itself from this iatro-capitalist society. They have gone beyond and left this society behind and thrown it into the abyss. Even if they were the only ones who achieved it, they did not let themselves be distracted by the right or the left. (So much for the American, and we'll come back to him).

For ourselves, our writings remain the tool with which we preserve what we have achieved and with which we smash the ruling class. For the readers, it would be a pity if they did not get to see more announced in them than leftist readers. Those who only want readers have ample opportunity to help themselves with the complete works of Jacques Lacan, for example (students have complained time and again that Jacques Lacan's highly complicated books are simply too incomprehensible. He himself was so vain that he declared every list of signatures null and void if the collectors of signatures forgot to also and especially call on him for his signature. In return, however, he recommended - his "modesty" - that his books should simply be bought and simply read as readers, because it was not important to him in the first place and not at all important that someone should understand them). Our modesty, on the other hand, is such that we do not even want to compete with this famous psychoanalyst and philosopher in matters of modesty, or in any other respect. Nevertheless: only good things about the dead (de mortuis nil, nisi bene), especially in matters of modesty.

The American author also stated that the experience of SPK/PF(H) has proven how one can exist for decades without dealing with "problems" such as AIDS, allergies, flu, cancer, broken legs and the like, because these are all forms of illness that can be effectively and reality-changingly confronted outside of medicine and without medicine and therapy. On this basis of its results, SPK/PF(H) can also provide a solid foundation for all other resistance movements, because, as he says, no single movement is even halfway complete, let alone can claim any credibility, if this foundation given by SPK/PF(H) and its theoretical reappraisal do not constitute the main issue in it, whether this movement calls itself anti-racist, anti-capitalist or feminist (anti-patriarchal).

As far as Marxism as a subject for further development is concerned, we enclose a brand new result which comes from Vietnam and Cuba, where in the meantime our theme has also been dealt with. We are of the opinion that even the professional cadres of Marxism-Leninism can well do without all the psychoanalytical lies (mythes), but that they are all the more in need of a new revolutionary theory, not least in view of illness, which belongs to our modern times, and which exists also and not least decisively for them too and (be it as imported commodity) in their country.

If it were only a question of combining Marxism and psychoanalysis, then all that would be needed would be an author, a researcher, be he a communist, professor, anarchist, priest, woman or man. If such a person had then done his work, he could convert to the opposite without further ado, indeed he could even abandon his plan and undertaking (to combine Marxism with psychoanalysis) for the sake of simplicity before he had even lifted a finger. But in the event that he is a patient, a patient who turns his illness into a political issue, then all passed down Marxism, all the psychoanalysis already available, is of absolutely no use to him, not even if he has himself sex-changed with the help of a surgeon, or even if he only changes his mind.

From the SPK, on the other hand, there have emerged examples to the fact that one can’t but risk everything (bourgeois employment, bourgeois existence, bourgeois freedom, peace, perspective on life, in short: everything) from the very beginning and once and for all; but what one gains in return is the collective liberation, once and for all and again, to get rid of all the iatro-capitalist filth, a liberation that must be fought for again every day and even into one's dreams for the rest of one's life. All the other bourgeois things listed here can be got rid of, but never a politics based on illness.

Even a narrow-minded rapporteur from Heidelberg University could not avoid giving an account of this, because he had to explain to his young readers the why, namely why the authorities once trembled so much precisely because of SPK/PF(H), and why they have not yet found a final solution [Endloesung] for it to this day. In this context, the journalist also had to point out that the authorities already had all the means at their disposal in the 70s to hunt down anarchists, fascists, Nazis and radical democrats. But the SPK with its illness was and remained an all time unpleasant surprise, since it could not be met with weapons, money, medicines or methods of treatment, not even with genetics; because even this failed because of the complete concept of illness (SPK), which genetics had so far been unable to counter with even the narrowest concept of illness, and as long as no one knew how this could be possible, genetics is deprived of any ethical basis. So much for a professor of ethics from Munich the other day. As far as we are concerned, we are pissed off with any medical, philosophical or other ethics. No one should ever be in a position to become dependent on ethicists for help or support. Instead: get on with doing SPK/PF(H), or start doing it, iatroclasm!

If this French text does not sound good to French ears, we are nevertheless certain that its sense escapes no one, that no one escapes its sense. Likewise, we are sure that there is such sense in every language, apart from all genetic and genocidal nonsense (which has been at home in every language not only since yesterday and is already at home and haunting every home).

As already mentioned by phone, it is mainly Spanish comrades who want to take action against genetics at the moment. On this subject and on the subject of SPK/PF(H) they therefore also wanted a tape cassette from us. As they informed us, this cassette* is to go on the air this week via a radio in Barcelona.

* See radio cassette: Radio broadcast of the SPK/PF(H) from and for Spain, June 1996 (Mensaje radiofónico de SPK/PF(H) desde y para España, junio 1996), www.spkpfh.de/Mensaje_radiofonico.html


Through illness strength!


KRANKHEIT IM RECHT                                                                                   HUBER


P.S.: Of course, you can also use this letter publicly wherever it suits you.


Enclosure 1

11 Theses of Illness

Our summary of the conclusions that have been drawn with regard to SPK/PF(H) since 1984, in part repeatedly, in the periodicals ASSEMBLEA and INVARIANTI.
Compare also the book IL TEMPO IMPERFETTO, Claudio Mutini and Giorgio Patrizi, Rome, 1996.

SPK/PF(H) is the only further development of the revolution in times and at present (einzige Weiterentwicklung der Revolution in Zeit und Gegenwart).

SPK/PF(H) constitutes the checkmate and, at the same time, the anticipated elimination of all genocide tendencies, also for the Third Millennium.

After Engels and Sartre SPK/PF(H)-Huber is the first who has succeeded in coming to grips with alienation in a materialistic way, that is conceiving it as illness.

The most radical attack against the logistic roots of nowadays computer-era originates from Huber / SPK/PF(H), namely: under the signifier illness, which in its previous and present form is but a curse, no patient is any longer "intouchable" for the computers (under the medical doctors’ class), and all will be selected for the purpose of their elimination, all the procreated ones, the artificially procreated ones any way, and all the more the "naturally" procreated ones.

The private militarism in the all-around civil war has to be solved and overcome in the same way in which the SPK succeeded to cope with the un-aimed protest of the patients against each other, the SPK is the paradigm for that.

SPK/PF(H) has unmasked marriage, family and all mating-relations (Paarungsverhaeltnisse) as a doctor-patient dyade. The only and proved starting point for the purpose of change: SPK/PF(H) ./. crook and prosthesis idols of any branch.

Their terroni are included and kept well in our prince-ity (pre-hominids of nowadays in relation to the human species of the future): SPK/PF(H) has contra-posed the so-called malformed as the far better pre-hominids of this earth to Yuppies and Fitness-fanatics.

The intellect, arts and science have been substituted by SPK/PF(H) through scars and the earth-bound intellurect. Illness-certain sensory.

Thermomimetics (thermo-mass and mass in warmth contra the medical in class-gang-race).

SPK/PF(H): All thinking follows from the mechanics of exchange. Who carries coins in his pocket, is an alien-determined puppet of all the appertaining value templates, in all the thinking premises in his mind and body, feeling and volition.

Health, the holiest of the holy, the very highest and up to now equally obvious as seemingly immovable standard value and value standard, the carrier of hope and illusions for old and young alike in all previous societies, has been caused to burst like a soap-bubble for the first time and by nobody else but by the SOCIALIST PATIENTS’ COLLECTIVE, the PATIENTS’ FRONT, SPK/PF(H).

Annotation: The authors of this Periodical for Culture and Politics, which comes out regularly in all parts of Italy, never needed to ask us questions on matters that require explanation. The only arrangement they had made with us since 1984: As soon as you’ve got something ready, send it to us. As soon as we’ve got something ready, we will send it to you.

Patients’ Front / Socialist Patients’ Collective, PF/SPK(H), May 1996


Enclosure 2

Letter of SPK/PF(H) to the Italian Journal for Politics and Culture INVARIANTI

                                                                                                                       KRANKHEIT IM RECHT
                                                                                                                       PATHOPRAKTIK MIT JURISTEN
                                                                                                                       Mannheim, Germany



Redazione INVARIANTI  
Roma, Italia

Mannheim, May 16, 1996




Cari amici di INVARIANTI,

In the meantime our writings have been dealt with by the Central Committees in Hanoi and Santiago de Cuba. We learned about this through their embassies in Austria, together with an express congratulation in this regard. They are examining "whether Wolfgang did develop socialism further. Some are in favour, some against. A national economist from Cuba was against it on the grounds: If they want to do it like that (as we do), they would have to question their whole health care system."

New communication (16.5.96): "In Hanoi, the Central Committee has become officially quite divided on the issue. There is now an internal discussion paper on this, which will be sent to us."

Here is our answer in advance:

I thank the enemies of our enemies for their interest in us.

Communism by virtue of illness is indestructible.

Also in Vietnam and Cuba, everywhere this is the proof above any other proof.

Once illness sees red,
death dies too.

Sieht Krankheit erst rot,
dann stirbt auch der Tod.



Huber, SPK/PF(H)


                                                                                                                                     SPK/PF(H), 15.02.2022