SPK - Turn illness into a weapon

Completely revised and enlarged online edition 2020/21



Preface concerning translation, Huber (SPK/PF) WD, Dr.med.

SPK/PF(H)  Socialist Patients' Collective (SPK) / Patients' Front (PF)
Abridged chronological table

Crash-down of the all dominating medical doctors’ class’ programme

Transparency-Retranslation [Transparenz-Rueckuebertragung] of our translation of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Preface to: SPK – Aus der Krankheit eine Waffe machen (SPK - Turn Illness into a Weapon) into English (including the publisher’s annotations, biased and partisan, but absolutely essential and indispensable in the class-interest of the patients’ class, being in confrontation and steadily on a collision-course).

Dear Comrades! Jean-Paul Sartre (Facsimile)

Huber’s Letter to Contat concerning Sartre’s Preface



I    Materialistic development of the contradictions in the concept of illness

II   Theses and principles

1.  11 x illness

2.  Three starting-points of practising SPK

3.  10 principles of practising SPK

4.  Towards a "people's university"

5.  People's university SPK

III   Development of the SPK-history

6.  The University's Psychiatric Policlinic being at the service of the ruling science

7.  The Policlinic as a service, treating ill people

8.  Organization by the patients themselves

9.  The Socialist Patients' Collective

10.  The eviction sentence and the Senate's order

11.  The eviction

12.  The dominant illegality, the lack of rights, and the patients

IV   About the method of the SPK

13.   Agitation being the implication of "therapeutic", scientific and political work

14.   Loneliness, details, "objectivity", opinions

15.   Dyatic (personal) agitation and group agitation

16.   Multi-focal expansionism (MFE) replaces all state and private institutions right from the start

17.   Alien determination – scientific study groups

18.   Agitation and action

V    Dialectics

19.   Object - subject

20.   Sublation (liberation) of the object role by collectivity

21.   Multi-focal expansionism – "Focus"

22.   Dialectics of sexuality

VI    Illness and capitalism

23.  Identity of illness and capitalism

24.  The proletariat under the determinacy of illness is the revolutionary proletariat

25.  About the "healthy" socialists and about the reactionary dogmatism of certain "leftists"

26.  Capitalism and its agents as manifestations of nature's violence

27.  All about physicians, lawyers, university professors, the health system, the judiciary, science

28.  The function of the physician as a trustee of capitalism and how to abolish this function

29.  The Rector of the University of Heidelberg as an advocate of capitalism

30.  The institutions of capitalism

31.  About the problem of violence – the escalation of violence

32.  Example:"Mania" of persecution – the progressive and reactionary moments of an illness

33.  Aggressiveness – aggression and defence

34.  Identity with capitalism exemplified by “success"

35.  Political identity

36.  Instead of an agitation protocol

VII   Documentary chapter

37.  About the political economy in the identity of suicide = murder

38.  About the difference between a patients' self-organization and democratic centralism

VIII   Two comparisons

39.  Comparison I

40.  Comparison II



The bibliography of the writings of illness [Kraenkschriftenverzeichnis]

Comments on the Socialist Patients‘ Collective (SPK) and on the Patients‘ Front (PF)

Through illness, strength – The Patients‘ Front (Aus Krankheit stark Patientenfront)

Song of the Patients‘ Front / Patientenfront-Lied

Illness and revolution (backcover)