US Board (umbrella organization) of the German snooping polyps (Wikipedia)
in the multi-million-dollar-business against the global patients' class
has been informed:

a) Jimmy Wales personally: jwales @ ((without blanks))

b) Wikimedia Foundation, Florida, U.S.A.

c) Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America (FTC)

It is not at all a matter of individual issues. I forward to you some ten thousands of signatures (1), and one of them is mine. A lot of European names. Why that? You have the same conditions like the Supreme Court of Europe. But just in difference to you in the 80ies of the past century eventually there resulted issues besides of the files.

Back to my "individuality" now. I wondered last week, that I had obviously succeeded in Wikipedia Spain. But learning from you, that I had disappeared in your files I felt a little disappointed about my individual success. Nevertheless I believe in your supremacy.

As you certainly know German Wikipedia submits to the command of Florida. The German euthanazism started from the U.S.A. Wikipedia Germany consists nowadays of physicians like Dr. Josef Mengele - Auschwitz (1) and the followers of the Deutsche Wehrmacht, especially in their University of Munich. Those euthanazists try to attack the Patients' Front. Therefore you must forbid them their contributions and links about patients (legal charge at the prosecuting attorneys brought in against Wikipedia as a whole, see The individuals of Wikipedia cause grievances to a lot of patients who have lost their fear to lose their own lives. Once more the United States with Florida take now occasion to protect German physicians and soldiers or not.

For the rest Wikipedia Germany is inundated with complaints about different things, different individualities and different crowds and organizations. You easily can learn it by a first glance into the screen of Wikipedia Germany.

But what concerns euthanazism is a different thing and the most important one. Put issues into command instead of Supreme Courts, it's your turn!

All these signatures are against the Dr. Josef-Mengele-Auschwitz-Doctors and against all EuthaNazis.
For the signatures see

Copy forwarded to: Federal Trade Commission of the United States of America (FTC)
                                  to file number: 5593344 (case: Wikimedia Foundation, Florida, U.S.A.)