July 2000/January 2001


History of the Patients’ Front

Basics-summits, completing remarks, fractures



Who, who not?

Only the Patients’ Front (PF) has made history, the PF alone, all and all-in-one, all a universe [all-ein]. The Patients’ Front alone speaks for the Socialist Patients’ Collective, for the whole SPK, now more than ever.

World history has never made history. It is but the record of animal-like (!) barbarian stupidity. Nothing against animals. They follow their species; because at least they have got one. The likes of us do not have the slightest idea of it, or else we, pre-humans like all the others and the much larger rest being, at least have got a presentiment of it: The secret of illness is the human species. It is because we know this, and we know and we knew it with all the certainty of illness, that today the SPK is called and is: SPK/PF(H), MFE (Multifocal Expansionism). There is and there was no SPK, no PF, except in this, all forms blasting form. So, who? The history of the Patients’ Front, made by us, recorded only here for the first time! Who not? All the others outside, along with their trite and beastly stories [Allerwelts- und Viechereiengeschichten]. Pet food.


Concept of Illness

Nobody and nothing rules amongst us, except the matter, except the materiality concept of illness [Stoff Krankheitsbegriff]. To short-circuit it with their everyday life, to complete the concept of illness to a coherent and all-encompassing theory (Only accomplished things crash constructively …), was too much for some already, but only a few, even to begin with. Even dis-united recently by common agreement [auseinandergeeinigt], since the completion of the Patients’ Front, or decades ago in an isolated case, we, the SPK/PF, have to speak also for them, we, the SPK/PF(H), MFE, and nobody else.

It simply is and remains the main difference in principle and in strategy, for instance, to privately pay again medical bills (THEY!), or to collectively bleed the medical doctors’ class to death (WE!). To be in favour and not against one’s own illness, to propagate one’s own illness instead of hiding it, this is the first pathopractical step, even before the concept of illness, or hand in hand with it: self-stigmatisation.

The Jean Paul Marat of Peter Weiss from 1965 in a group of madmen on the theatre stage of Wiesbaden, yes, something like that they applauded, those of Heidelberg’s medical doctors’ class, a case for them, together with the revolution, together with Sade, Corday, Danton, "brain nappies" (instead of brain gears, P. Weiss, not Marat), and more like that. Without being called, but in collegial spirit by means of psychiatry (in the form of an expertise, and, if necessary, even in the form of a chief expertise) via a special court (rebuffed!) they tried to "liberate" the founder of the SPK from prison, that is to say: to render him harmless. Rebuffed, right down the line, as is well known. Yes, the abortionists of the human species, of what is a first approximation to it, react reflexively and fully automatic, exactly as does today’s medical doctors’ class in the suit of biogenetics and its euthanazism. So, what we talk about here, is the Patients’ Front before the SPK. We talk about the proximity to illness by self-stigmatisation and about the concept of illness as the inverse human species still entirely in the phase preceding the beginning of history, still entirely pre-humans among pre-humans, that means pre-hominids, pre- or pro-hominid people, provided that one does not think of apes. No, this has nothing to do with Marat, trained doctor and treacherously murdered revolutionary.

The proximity to illness (it is present!) and only through that the proximity to the human species (it is lacking, the lack), however approximate to it, decides on the beginning of what, as history, corresponds to its concept: always river up, against the current, weirs to be broken in front, rivulets seeping away behind, in brief: make the medical class lose ground and water, dry out their policy of compromises and catastrophes from opinion polls and plebiscites up to ballot boxes and cemetery urns.

The history of the Patients’ Front is not only the history of the concept of illness, but first and foremost and up to the completion of the Patients’ Front half a decade ago it is the history of confrontation, the history of the confrontation-patients with front head-on [Stirn], with stars [Ge-stirn] and fronting [Front] against the pre-historic white army (the medical doctors’ class in any case) of all fractions and political shades from green and red over black-brown up to mouse-grey-party-sectarianism. It’s not that they care too little about illness, these lefties, no, this is not what we reproach them, as some have suggested before; but that they abort the human species before it exists, these pre-humans, leftists in any case, when they speak out, these pre-humans of a pre-history of millennia, that is what we do not like. And this and nothing else is at the same time the most general interest common to all, just as everything that lives and resists, or not, wants heaven on Earth, but, please, as a being of the human species [Gattungswesen Mensch] for a doctor and a medical clone, and also an animal, which has got its species already, couldn’t do anything at all with it, as, by the way, teach also all the religions.

How many angels, that is messages, pieces of information, would fit upon the point of a needle had been an undecidable contentious issue for a long time. Megabytes on a microchip, of course, today. But how much illness-species-human-being [Krankheitsgattung Mensch] fits upon the earth? Well, to answer this one must resort to the universe [das All], and, this also teaches the history of the Patients’ Front made by us, to the unity of all-in-one, the totality of the universe, the unity of the greatest possible diversity in the unity of all all-loneliness [die All-einheit, die Einheit einer groesstmoeglichen Mannigfaltigkeit in aller Alleinheit], the new-revolutionary class against the all-dominating iackers’ class (medical doctors’ class).

For, in the written down complete concept of illness, four further moments are not named. First, the short-circuit between illnesses and species, because impossible on earth, is the first result of an absolute fantasy, that is to say a fantasy detached from everything that exists. This has to be learnt in the first place, in order to be understood. Its space is beyond the stars, beyond the starry sky; because, if there is no place on earth, at least there is. Too subterranean, too radicularly-radical [wurzelhaft-radikal) is the short-circuit between illnesses and species with respect to the terrestrial body. Too long already it had to wait for the thermomimetic iatroclasm. It wants to be practiced and exercised in particular and in everyone, the collective body of warmth as its intermediate stage, utopathy as the final product, being as unstable as it is stable in its effects [wirkstabil]. Like the place beyond heaven the terrestrial body, too, did not need a special annotation when the five-partite concept of illness had been drawn up. That is because concepts are also an embodiment of implicit and inclusive concepts [Begriffe sind eben auch Inbegriffe], and without a prior decision in favour of illness Marat becomes very easily morass. This is pre-human prehistory with the lying Baron of Munchhausen as its corresponding expert. PF/SPK has pulled itself up from the swamp by its own strength. The iackers’ class (medical doctors’ class), quite the opposite: it pushes the patients’ class deeper into the swamp, and that has repercussions, so that the singular bodies are overflowing with pharmaceutical poisons of all kinds, additionally contaminated with radiation, and even the cemetery wardens, the academic pathologists on duty, occasionally warn of the increased radiation exposure resulting from cemeteries, as if they were nuclear power plants and garbage dumps. But what is named PF/SPK, every action, every event and manifestation, every internal and certainly every public statement with regard to planning, implementation and verification was and remains attuned to the concept of illness. Some others would rather have it differently. That is, let’s say, 500 concepts of illness, for each one of the SPK, person to person, one of their own. That doesn’t even work with sport and play, otherwise, there would be at least 22 balls at a time in a football match instead of one. The Munchhausism of the media gossip shitheads may sprout its games, its swamp flowers and stupid calves wherever it wants. Not with us, there is no place for that in our collective, otherwise let them be summoned by the bailiff.

Where do we get our zest, what has inspired us, where does our persistent unbroken will come from? From the four unnamed moments of the concept of illness, this would have been the correct answer and we have given it many times. Some of the let’s say quite common co-prisoners threatened us to beat us up for that, not to mention even worse things, on the part of political ones, outside and inside, yes, outside, because outside and inside are alike, in any case. But, so far, no media shithead dared to lay his hands even on the five named moments of the concept of illness. And his contemporary witnesses were only eloquent with respect to what they were not allowed to know, which, as a matter of fact, they had learned afterwards by media shit tales, little stories, tiny anecdotes, and anti-, even little anti-psychiatry anecdotes. Everyday life matters are for sure not just day-to-day-routine but they are catastrophically banal, and any short-circuit that destroys them is entirely justified in advance by the concept of illness. For some of us it is just incarnated in flesh and blood: maltreated and crippled and incapacitated for work since the third decade of their life due to the living conditions the medical doctors’ class is responsible for, for a decade now such a front patient calls almost daily asking us about the concept of illness regarding his everyday life matters, just like others of the mouse-grey iackers’ cronyism consult the weather-report. No, he was not in the SPK, at that time, he was still in nappies, according to his own words. But one, one in ten thousand, is, if not the best (Heraclitus), then, in any case, better off. Yes, the aristo of the aristocrats is anagrammatically based on the iatros of the iatrocrats, did you know already, Thou best of the best, Thou most worthy, noblest, exponential normalinskis of today’s normoisie-bourgeoisie?

Free of domination and authority, the concept of illness is available since it began to make history. The rest is the great seduction under the dictatorship of the iackers’ class, both modern as well as postmodern. That, inevitably, becomes second nature to everybody and passes in everybody’s flesh and blood, as already at the time of the SPK. Our concept of illness, let us hope so, never will appear in the philosophical Archive for Conceptual History, but it does so on a global basis and in a stunningly illustrious variety like little anecdotes, everyday catastrophes and pregnant with banalities in the gene passport, and the pre-humans will compete with each other in the pedestrian zones, in the city, in the country side, and overseas, for who has got the most beautiful genetic label. A beginning has already been made when the media shitheads and every Tom, Dick and Harry are trying to sell off illness-conceptual matters under the label of self-help groups, not least as a gift in the form of a free subscription for Christmas under the star of Bethlehem, due to the immense sales difficulties. Therefore, we have not done so badly to situate the concept of illness beyond the starry sky, the sky of stars, the cranial vault and the confrontation heaven [Sternen-, Stirnen- und Konfrontationshimmel], quite frontally; after all, the star of Bethlehem, too, like all the others, is too beautiful to be as well true without the concept of illness. Because we are not concerned with prophetic predictions, and, afterwards, with well-we-knew-it-from-the-start, everything happened as predicted; because we are concerned with the cosmic-social-revolutionary making of history, we raise the species quite a bit higher above the sky than all the zodiacs, yes zodiac-constellations [Tierkreiskonstellationen], and the great zoological garden remains a zoo despite Aquarius, Virgo, Gemini and even Sagittarius, too much hunters’ yarn for us, unfortunately. But nothing against animals, as already mentioned. For the sake of illness, we like to swing to the sky as heaven stormers [Himmelsstuermer], instead of storming means and remedies [Mittel-Stuermer], instead of storming as centre forward on the football field [Mittelstuermer], and be it, as most of the time, in front of the TV. And the Cherubic wings had been already assigned to us [zugesprochen] by the four unnamed moments of the concept of illness, unnamed, because they are not in need of encouragement [Zuspruch] , these four glyphs: species, illness; illness, species. In terms of the pointed out concept of illness simply self-begetting [Selbstbegattung], the third moment, no matter if right-rotatory, better, of course, left-rotatory, and don’t they have six wings, aren’t they likewise inspired [befluegelt] six times, the Cherub, the double-helix, left before right?

Yes, these are quite arbitrary positings [Setzungen], without rhyme or reason and without any sense, all of them, let’s hope so. But history that has been made, history generally has to take facts that are free from empirical reality into account in a highly distilled manner with regard to their possibility of being short-circuited, so to speak, regardless whether they fit, and no matter whom this suits or not. The distillates of the highest degree, the species, concept for its part already, and the concept of illness have their practical test only in whether or not they are really feasible. Well then, between the beginning of the Patients’ Front and its completion by the resumption and reincorporation of the SPK in the context of PF/SPK(H), MFE, for half a decade now already, and that entirely in public, there are 3 decades of continuous and reality-stable consolidation against all existing conditions and real circumstances. Whoever is looking for an expression for the methodical approach of the conceptuality of illness as a species [Gattungskrankheitsbegrifflichkeit] to the real beginning of history, now 35 years back, as already mentioned, may well call this methodical part realisation of constructs by deduction from the universals [universaliendeduktionistische Konstruktrealisierung]. It is part of diapathics just as our material dialectics based on the analysis of commodity [warenanalytische Materialdialektik] is part of pathopractice. Toy horses for academics and scholars like university conflict, neoliberalism, communication guerrilla, structuralism of power, political therapy, triple sexism, genderism and whatever else, we did not have to throw off as ballast in the first place, because the actual effective history, made by us, has passed over all these little stories long ago and without any cuts.


Histories of occurring events,
names, numbers

There are more and stronger machines and mechanical monsters on earth than people, or rather than pre-humans. In general, you can forget people, they are built-in and just another piece of machinery. Decisive for victory or defeat in open wars is the mass of mechanical commodity-monsters. And the medical doctors’ class as the best organised army in the world is controlling and commanding today’s mechanical dinosaurs and pterosaurs as safely as they control and command their estate of patients: reproductive self-begetting [Selbstbegattung] of a commodity-mechanical machine kind [waren-mechanisches Maschinengeschlecht], decisive is exclusively the mass volume, medically normalised down to the very last joint, joint-tight. With concepts of history you cannot come to grips with these histories of occurring events [Begebenheitsgeschichten]. Therefore, making history, having it made; for, the weight and burden is light, because warmth is inverse gravity, the same as illness is inverse species. History and revolution do not exist in any other way, for, not every uprising is a levitation, not every revolution a historical progress or regression ("historical materialism"), as little as "self-contemplation of the world spirit" at the very end after series of progresses and relapses into barbarism. These concepts of history capture extremely well occurrences and, of course, the use of radioactive carbon markers and alike enhance the datability of any documents and old bones. But the reptiles made of metal and plastic, millions-heavy, are they not much more revealing, when, as battle tanks in unknown quantity, they are not set in motion against the SPK, only because the North-Baden part of the overall medical doctors’ class has been demonstrated self-made history by their patients property, history that does not fit in any ultra-prismatic, in no telescopic, in no infrared gunsight? Inverse illness was at work there, without self-consciousness, labelled in hundreds of different ways and diagnosed beforehand, but liquidated by self-stigmatisation according to the concept of illness, and no concept of history – be it of a Marx, of a Hegel, or even of a A. Dominguez Ortíz –, if a front patient would have betrayed it to the iackers’ class, would have reached their armoured, usually drugged pterosaurs quartered in barracks, awakened them from deep sleep or even set them in motion. In any case, no-one betrays [verraten] the concept of illness, and even whoever guesses it [erraten] cannot do without it [entraten]. It must be a very, an extremely strong field of tension generated by the strength of illness [krankheitskraeftiges Spannungsfeld] and we gladly leave it to an anticipating glance of human species [Gattungsvorschein], as in the aforementioned example. For, we leave the short-circuit between illness and the species to absolute fantasy instead of leaving it to angels and sparrows, instead of leaving it to megabytes and microchips. The consequences would be devastating histories of occurring events, that is anything else but history. In its core, the Earth is a body of warmth. Whoever needs a concept for the corresponding method, we suggest the term thermomimetics. PF/SPK(H) MFE does pathopractice it, in the state of utopathy, not only since half a decade: revolutionary goal achieved, an end of history made by ourselves not in sight, be it only because of the many giant reptiles and armoured saurians. And from the iackers’ class and its clones never will derive the human species. Be it in life or in death; recently a death candidate, labelled by psychiatry, is said to have asked in all seriousness whether they would be so kind as to keep the desert to his more than sumptuous last meal warm until after his execution. If there is someone to blame for this and suchlike things, it is not us with our body of warmth in utopathy. We also cannot recognise an anticipating glance of human species in that, neither according to the simple probability required by the legislator according to medical norms, and certainly not according to a probability bordering on certainty. But still, and gone is gone.

Messages pass us by as a-historical background noise according to which, at the via Appia near Rome, a gravestone of Greco-Roman antiquity documents the victory over the medical doctors’ class, recognisable by the word Iatronike*. We, on our part, strongly prefer the self-made illness-inverse universality of the species [Gattungsallgemeinheit] to the abstract universal species death; for, the species death is not that abstract, because, after all, it exists quite concrete as ruling class of the medical doctors, again and again preventing the human species from coming into being through free self-selection and free reproductive selection, today more than ever, shoulder to shoulder with the park of metal and plastic reptiles that over-populate the earth for economic exploitation, shoulder to shoulder not only with genocide but also with the anticipatory murder of the human species. To the histories of occurring events that are neither history nor have they ever made history, belongs also a pre-biblical document that records an apparently very violent uprising against the doctor-priests. Well, they are always the first to run away when illness is brewing, and by that give rise to rejoicing parties, as notes a Parisian professor of psychology of unfortunate remembrance. And by the power of the Foucault pendulum, of all things and not really that far, he does not seem to have even been slightly touched at his bald-headed numskull during his living and writing time. True history is neither commuter traffic, swinging back and forth like a pendulum, nor everyday patchwork cobbled together from dusty museum documents and radioactive carbon. To the species of the pigeons, but also to all peace doves, perished in the gutter under spasms caused by neurotoxins or captured and decapitated up to several hundreds in diligent piecework in some basement by municipal employees in need of some extra income, it wishes wholeheartedly that they forget the power along with its birds of prey and that they incorporate the enemy image of the likewise biped friends of animals and man according to the brand and norm of the primeval tribe of the white army. With us, at this regard there is running a full program, published as Power, Iatrarchy / Illness, Violence. The humanisation of nature and the naturalisation of man are among the nicest histories of occurring events we know, recorded in the blue volumes**, so let’s turn the page!***

*AKS FP Espa!
** Marx/Engels Collected Works, in German blue (translators’ note).
*** Philosophy has inherited the euthaNAZIstic International. Laughing heirs: the Eugenics Movement, WFMH (World Federation for Mental Health), Mengele, Vallejo-Nájera, and no ending. However, it may be that there are still directors of philosophy, and every feuilletonistic media shithead, copyist, plagiarist and high-volume writer, can hope to be awarded the title of Philosopher. With regard to the subject of illness and species this is totally irrelevant and hardly even an annoying nuisance. After Numbers and Supernumeraries (1978), and even before, after Ueberrumpelung und Entruempelung ("Surprise Attack and Clear Out", SPK Documentation Part III and IV), all this and suchlike were thoroughly dispatched already long time ago on a true-to-scale-level, and especially on a philosophical level. The realisation has left its marks. The point is to use them!

For the beginning and the progression of our history with the species, every linguistic system and every numerical system were, so to speak, poison for pigeons. Or has anyone ever heard or seen that pigeons, passed to birds of prey or thrown to them as bait, see these die of peace – sorry, read: become peaceful? Numerical and linguistic systems are all the more poison where – different from the doves of peace, well, which ones are we actually talking about? -- yes, we know, we hope you know, too, dear readers – there was not even the slightest developed idea of the absence of a species. Therefore, it was only in connection with the species that in addition to all the making of history we were also able to note it down, to sketch it. For many this was useful, and as far as we know, no one, for instance, has become a drug addict for it, nor was anyone pleased by it, let alone touched by compassion, apart from some initial difficulties. Even less for those of Peter Weiss’ Marat-farce, and for the relevant part of Heidelberg’s press the transition from the Proto-Patients’ Front to the equally real Socialist Patients’ Collective was soon pure horror and the acted-out compassion was soon over. The liquidation of all linguistic and numerical systems, necessary for the species, puts in place of the word the absolute fantasy, linguistically free and deductive from the universals [sprachenthoben universalien-deduktionistisch], and in place of the number it puts thermomimetics, all forms-blasting as material dialectics based on the analysis of commodity, not to be confused, for example, with the primal scream of others, at that time as fashionable as the famous latest craze (dernier cri), or, today, with anything that sells, at least it sells, adjusted or not to the criteria of the media shitheads. Whoever as a native speaker of any native language converses with other speakers of the same native language about ours, often is insistently taken for an alien, after the first quarter of an hour already, nowadays as well as back then in Heidelberg, Frankfurt, and elsewhere; however, the assertiveness by virtue of the strength of illness is assured to these native speakers of ours anyway. We have broken the fang of the linguistic and numerical systems poisonous to the human species, and this too is part of the history made on our own. With us, names and numbers do not exist, if avoidable. They are histories of occurring events with no history, exactly for that reason. Especially in the context of the SPK, there appear in the media-shit reports time and again names and numbers read and heard repeatedly, the sure proof that it has nothing to do with SPK and certainly not with Patients’ Front. Our planning is pathastrically founded [pathastrisch begruendet] and our actions are astropathically secured [astropathisch abgesichert], which means that despite their uniqueness they remain unsolved. Criticism, the State, and the iacker-normoisie-bourgeoisie firstly do not concern us at all as they are nothing but histories of occurring events and we don’t give a shit about them. We would no longer have to hide neither names nor numbers; because, unlike in other so-called conspiratorial contexts, our attacks were always a step ahead of the persecution, prosecutors (we!) instead of persecuted. And the threshold against intrusions and assaults, continually raised by us already, we have raised even more, where it seemed necessary, or we have renewed it at least, with lasting effects. And even before they had locked us up in prisons (1971-76), the government, the lackey government of the iackers (Piazolo and consorts), had locked and walled themselves in day and night in the bunkers of their headquarters. This, we had neither known nor suspected until 1990. Miracles are not so shy at all, if they are made easy-to-care.


Distinguishable epochs
and realised constructions

The inversion of illness towards the species, disproportionate in relation to all biologisms and philosophisms, either takes place or not. That is why, in principle, there can be no distinguishable phases. Constructs are those that bring about realisations. What is not realised, therefore, was not an appropriate construct. So, whoever wants to know why Wuerttemberg once was situated in Baden, Freiburg in Austria, or why Gibraltar is still in England today, has to have a look at so-called history, the so-called. Because with us, he is knocking at the wrong door. Nothing against curiosity, even cats and dogs know it, indeed, but for the purposes of their species. However, where there is no species, every other somehow ethically concealed curiosity, for now and for a long way off, and however scientifically concealed and masked it may be, is poison to the species, and that is especially the case when it has ethics written all over it.

The Patients’ Front under the concept of illness, illness as the inverse species, the species either as the sum of all single illnesses or as revolutionary approach to the species; because the species asserts itself in one way and the other, it knows no distinguishable phases and no countable constructs and plans, neither countable infinite nor finite ones beyond what is daily necessary to turn the species’ needs, capable to turn needs of the species into solutions [ueber das alltaeglich Gattungsnot-wendige hinaus]. Quite to the contrary, it is and it always was about the multi-focally growing unity of the multitude, hardly imaginable more differently, because being different as to their single illnesses; it is and it was always first and foremost about the pathopractical identity (stable against separation with respect to spatial distances and distancings), diapathic identity (stable with respect to temporary influences and manipulations from the outside), and utopathic identity (stable in its effects with regard to completeness, definitiveness and persistence [wirkstabil in Vollstaendigkeit, Endgueltigkeit und Nachhaltigkeit]). We are sure that the illness-inverse species knew neither the number 1965 nor the locality Heidelberg when it saw the medical class bogged down in swamp and morass, and when, on the way towards a closer proximity to the species, it saw the material dialectics of leaps based on the analysis of commodity [warenanalytische Materialsprungdialektik], in an upswing to the patients’ class, replacing all, and that means all forms of therapy by revolution, since revolution rhymes exclusively with illness inversion, as does thermomimetic inversion of weight and burden with levitation. Peter Brueckner, social psychologist, lacking a better term with respect to leftist theory, as he says, termed it with the word class betrayal, and we liked it nevertheless, because for the sake of the species there can’t be anything better than the betrayal of the medical doctors’ class. The Patients’ Front has been accomplished and fulfilled long since in the thermomimetic remelting also of the SPK. And against whom the said "betrayal" is directed nowadays? Precisely against the same medical class that, as genetic manipulators in all alienation from the species, and there is no other, has long since eliminated the certainty of illness, until now the last bastion of all pre-human certainties, in an ethic-dicasters ballyhoo by the hope of elimination of the hereditary evils: pain, boredom, agony, death. It was illness-inverse species that, at the height of the SPK, called the so-called hereditary diseases by their only appropriate name: capitalism, and the only appropriate solution: revolution by virtue of illness, the most radical and thorough one; because for every other one the word revolution is, was and remains wasted, not to mention reforms, cosmetical politics against social grievances and abuses, "revolutionary" discovery, invention and the like. And there they are again, the same profit-mummifiers, the same exploiters and maltreators of the pre-hominids, and, still in good unfortunate memory, the same Men of God-ethic dicasters. From time to time anew the same betrayal had to be exercised against the silence of the graveyard prescribed by the medical class, e.g. by the proclamation of the Patients’ Front, when white and red armists as prison doctors – those last mentioned red armists their most attached, most faithful and most trusting estate of patients – in an unanimous manner of medical-class conspiracy were planning to make their peace of the graveyard with the self-dissolved SPK. For nobody is appreciating even the most lukewarm peace as much for others as in and for oneself. Similarly, the separating processes with respect to the edition of illness [krankheitsredaktionelle Trennvorgaenge], first overseas, then in situ, or was it the reverse order? We have to write history outright in an exemplary manner, since all of the outlined examples are also free of differences as to their chronological order. The only decisive factor is the successful remelting in the illness-inverse coherence of the species SPK/PF(H), MFE. The species appears as a glance in everything, in its absence the doom which is anything else but apocalyptic, for, as already said, the species asserts itself even and especially in its absence. But it accomplishes history and duration exclusively as illness in a reality, truth and effectiveness made free of doctors [arztfrei gemachte Wirklichkeit] which, as Patients’ Front, is history and reality on a daily basis.

Several conclusive and final pieces belong to the Patients’ Front’s legacy, and its stability in its effects [Wirkstabilitaet], its utopathic identity therefore, is irrefutable up to the turn of the millennium and beyond. For it is a PF-fact and moreover a reality notorious at the court that to some of the SPK enemies abruptly stopped laughing at an SPK, they had regarded settled and finished long since and released for self-service, when, confronted in official letters with expressions of the concept of illness, they saw their empty phrases being swept away and burdens of proof approaching them. It didn’t help even a Hans Bachus trying to pretend, after the SPK, to be the Good Samaritan who is worried about the illness of others. Trying to conceal one’s own nullity in the matter of the concept of illness does not serve in any case, not even among one’s own kind, neither then, nor today or in the future. The Patients’ Front, conclusive and final piece of its fulfilment, has thus, notorious even to the court, and triumphantly, introduced into reality for a second time the SPK of the concept of illness, because without the concept of illness there would not have been neither a first nor any SPK ever, and there is nothing to quibble about that or to differentiate even in the remotest hindsight. The conclusive and final piece of the continually effective fulfilment in the Patients’ Front is the transparency in the collective whole (body of warmth) just as in every single body, the show-through of the concept of illness, anticipating glance of human species this, too, in every posture, in every movement of the body. We do not have to introduce any broken leg into reality, but the species. And we also have no AIDS and no China restaurant syndrome to introduce into reality, but we have to blow up all corresponding commodity and value forms in advance so that the single illnesses become the species, instead of extra profits of the iackers’ class, money as substitute for the species. The currency of the species is the unconditional and unreserved Yes to illness, which is at the same time a Yes by virtue of the strength of illness. This currency, FORSOOTH (!),: PRO ILLNESS (!), remains sealed to all iackery forever and ever. It can not entirely be ruled out that cloned people will one day join forces and pray the Hippocratic Oath to their master creator [Gesamtschoepfer], because, after all, this oath is said to be the result of early patients’ rebellions, and consequently the clones therefore will remain poorly understood and thus without a species and history. The illness-species [Krankheitsgattung] is accomplished as Patients’ Front and has found its way even towards the existing reality, which, with the clone as currency unit, has passed the peak of all forgery. The medical class was due to its decline at the latest since the beginning of the Patients’ Front. Illness is the only solid currency [Festwaehrung] in general and still more in all MFEs and collectives. The substitute-species are museum, they start at the pedestrian zone. We do not miss those who are satisfied with that, but a clone, certainly, as certain as illness!, is the very last thing that might be missing.



No letter here is something given [Gegebenes], as in the case of a school exercise, nor is it the sublating, double negation of something given, something factual, recognisable by the prefix RE-sults [ER-gebnis], let alone the capitulation to resignating to fate [Schicksalsergebenheit]. Anyone reading this might notice that. As a result, illness and species always have been given. A real problem, the only one at all. To a WHAT the HOW was missing. Those who are up to a know-all-attitude will find elsewhere carriers of hope who frankly admit that they have not improved anything for decades, let alone changed it, but at least they had sown hope of a change, so they say. The Patients’ Front, by contrast, admits with the same frankness that it can’t keep up with them; because it cannot make its revolutionary changes undone, even by exerting all tension to show the warmest sentiments of solidarity, and be it only to catch up with such know-all-attitudes for the sake of appearance. The proximity to illness, the only means of production of the species, is tighter than that of the worker, than that of the native to anything else, be it for the sake of, on behalf of or by order of anyone and anything whatsoever. Wherever we go and stand, fly and drive, and even if we stand in front of any blind mirror, we encounter natives, and the machines prefer to stay with themselves and they work poisonously to the species, without running after any worker, and certainly not after the many unemployed, unless it is to turn the natives into monsters, subservient to the all-dominating iackers’ class. The closeness to illness, permutable into species, the creation of units under the point of indifference of the concept of illness, produces qualitative changes by leaps and takes many a burden from those who participate; it doesn’t improve hopes but it liberates the strength of illness, collectively, on the spot, here and now. Our results are preceded by our inventions. For each result a special invention, appropriate to the purpose. No, our results are not inventions, but our inventions in turn are results. Our inventions always have a material component. We call them all iatrocides, sometimes also illness-affected water [gekraenktes Wasser]. The other, corresponding component that must be charged thermomimetically may be called also, for example, abstraction-analytical deduction [abstraktionsanalytische Deduktion], or, in another case, simply iatro-ostracism. In that we remain quite agile, not to say flexible. However, the real result, then, is an even more drastic and illness activating one in the prehominid-iatrarchic field of gravity, when it strikes, the result, each time quite punctually, when the astropathically found position of the moon confirms the maturity of its realisation. The medical doctors’ class knows us and observes us. Who else but them? After all, it was them who have painfully, even chronically painfully experienced many of our results, for the first time by the Patients’ Front and often enough cumulative in daily progression. Their so-called left spectrum, and there is no other, considers us to be too radical, whatever they mean by this, and as to the doctors, they believe of course that they are indispensable, yes, sure, what else! But as a result and in all five continents, it is often enough that a tormented patient announces to his nice uncle doctor that he will turn to us, to the Patients’ Front, the SPK, and especially to the institution KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right/Illness in Justice), so that he gets what he needs and what he is entitled to. After all, someone like him, in general, hardly knows about or what to do with the species, and the nice uncle doctor, part of the poison to the species in the prehominid commodities park, has certainly an easy job with him. The result: They are on guard, and that is good. The sole fact that we exist often is quite enough then. A miracle-like result, right? To all those who radically deny illness, we didn’t need to renounce any allegiance in the first place. We were there long before them. Their results are piteous; for without illness you just can’t organise or institute anything, nor accomplish anything [nichts ein-, nichts ausrichten] nowhere in the world, not for the sake of the species!

To the close-to-reality construct, to the invention of what in its result is the inexhaustible strength of illness that is shown in its effects (utopathic identity), belong the 4 fundamental pillars [Grundpfeiler], so called by us. As economy (free of debts!), society (endogamous self-regulation!), ideology (thermomimetic isotopy!) and body maintenance (concept of illness!) they are indispensable guarantors of an illness-strong independence; because any talk of relying on one’s own forces, if these forces are not an abundance of the strength of illness, is a superabundance of poison to the species, as there are, after all, already enough other poisons and what else should it be. These fundamental pillars are difficult to accomplish, especially the first one, but it is much easier as a collective result. "Procreation-by-procreating-conviction" [Zeugung-in-Ueberzeugung] was the PF-formula way ahead, noted down also in the SPK-Documentation Part III in the concept of illness. Family-hostile? As sure as the certainty of illness! Current application: Instead of clonisation / revolution in every generation. Anyone who, nowadays, is looking for another word for subcreating [unterzeugen] can optionally take either cloning or genetising, but, in general and what is for the time being still the more widespread case: doctoring [veraerzteln], if that word existed. In substance, there is nothing besides subcreation [Unterzeugung]; because what is usually called conviction [Ueberzeugung] is of the same origin as the doctor-patient-dyade; anyway, in today’s Klonistan-Banalistan it’s more about subcreating (read: palm off [unterjubeln]), against which we oppose by pathopractics.

Far out there are some who seem to believe that there is only the media public [Medienoeffentlichkeit], the public debate and some more of such publics. We, on our part, early got to know the court public [Gerichtsoeffentlichkeit], learned nothing from it but rediscovered it for our purposes of public and utilised it. That did good even to the old SPK and all the more to the Patients’ Front and their establishment of the truth, but as its result it remains, mainly!, unpleasant for the iackers’ class and their media shitheads. On dozens of class action lawsuits for patients and against medical doctors and judges the final word has still not yet been spoken since the completion of the Patients’ Front. Anyhow, the very last word has the illness-revolutionary species. But also the penultimate results already speak for themselves, since the Patients’ Front has repelled on the process path through many court instances all the attacks of the medical doctors’ class from, for example, the psychiatric asylums [HEILanstalten] Wiesloch and Moringen (Niedersachsen/Lower Saxony), and just this has made the conditions more bearable for all the patients there. As a result, this applies to any clinic and even to city bureaucracies, often dominated by junior doctors and their followers in public health departments. Thus, in the old and new federal states of Germany we had many times to deal with the like, last but not least also in Vienna and Rome, very noticeable for the court public, almost unnoticeable for every other public, and those involved, often patients stigmatised by others [fremdgebrandmarkte Patienten], are double-pleased with the result. The ruling class loves nothing quite so much as the limelight of the media public, but they shy away from the light of the court public like the proverbial devil himself from the holy water, and to the result always a good shot of illness-affected water is added. By this, too, the situation for the ruling iackers’ class is aggravated. The main result of the Patients’ Front is thus the revolutionary inversion of illness into the realisation of species. A timeline like the one below [see German edition of the History of the Patients’ Front] can say little about that. The tables have turned, the anticipation glance of human species is the starting point of history, the rear side is the reverse side [Kehrseite], the iron broom is in the sweepings [Kehricht]; for the final clean sweep has been done already [Kehraus war ja schon]. The particular sections and categories of the timetable are mostly taken from the already published PF-literature, and the KRRIM-publisher, in case there are additional questions or proposals, has now returned to KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right/Illness in Justice).

Public discussion, what is that? Discussion originally is a Latin word that derives from shaking, namely: quatere, and discutere means: to decide, to break, to disperse. As to the meaning of discussion it should be added that there is also another linguistic root according to which to discuss means: to throw a discus at someone’s neck. Since then there is also illness as a weapon. This is, however, far beyond words. With us, always, compare single agitation, group agitation since the time of the SPK.

We, of course, keep up our SPK class concept "proletariat under the determination of illness" (moreover: wage slaves, see second moment of the concept of illness) against all the objections meanwhile fallen silent from academic circles, of horned cattle with or without (horn-rimmed) glasses. The money demanded in wage strikes is a substitute for the species [Gattungsersatz], not the human species itself, but it is, quite on the contrary, substitute-species [Ersatzgattung], thus poison to the species. The patients’ class is still too new to be real by now, in short: Patients’ Front and patients’ class are not the same.


What that teaches us

Did we really weight too low our incoming flow of people along with rejuvenation from all continents, so to say? The proximity to the illness-inverse species, this unique revolutionary inversion and reality reversing contact-realisation, is literally an omnipresent working [allgegenwaertiges Walten] and far too weighty to be still somehow weighable.

All those who, as international media-representatives, let us know that we are completely right, and who find that we are infinitely necessary and important, but that, involved as they are in the general brainwashing and dulling by the media, they are simply unable to do anything at all, so they say, all those then at least should unite and bleatingly laugh, but continuously and incessantly, about the then soon slimmed down and shrinked-by-health [gesundgeschrumpft] research accounts and private accounts, the first and most important and true discovery the researching iackers’ class still would have to make. Yet, that is exactly what they should do, these pre- and prohominid abortionists of the species against their will and against their better knowledge, simply do nothing, emphasis on nothing, but at least bleat it out loudly and inexorably; because to really do nothing, that means to blow up on the spot every bit of the dominating reality wherever you encounter it, illicitly, a whole lot more is needed, and that would almost be Patients’ Front then. To laugh themselves ill [kranklachen] – even bleating sourpusses [Meckerziegen] in the billions are allowed to do that, about anything and everything that, as iackers’ class, tries to slim down and shrink itself by health [gesundschrumpfen], from the present up to Clonistan / as euthaNAZIa it began. The incoming flow of people of all kinds that comes to us full of agreement, how to weight that? They say that race-euthaNAZIa, and even more so the most modern and even more cruel differential euthanasia* [Differentialeuthanasie], was completely out of the question and impossible in the USA, every geneticist would assure you of that. And why not? Laughing ourselves ill about not at all so irrelevant parts of the iackers’ class was the PF-beginning of history. Empty iackers’ accounts in the worldwide unison chorale "You can’t do anything", worldwide, persistently, yet unison – as already said – that would be something indeed, and, as a matter of fact, it would be anything but detrimental to the PF’s strength of illness, as we have been certified already, in the context of battle tanks against patients, that the PF-laughter could kill.

* This expression, for the first time used by the SPK in 1969/70 against the iackers’ class on leaflets and in public agitational assemblies, usually tends to trigger fierce counter-reactions, however, guaranteed with impunity, dear readers who hopefully will embrace this and take it up; nevertheless, it provokes by far not only reactions of annoyance, as recently once again in Vienna, by the way.

Completely different, then, the celestial myriads of those excluded by the iackers’ class, but vital part of the entire Patients’ Front, foreigners here just like us, the celestial lot of Mannheimers, gypsies, Curds, with all their kin, Heidelbergians, Persians, people from Middle East and Far East, Italians. All of them come and go every day, often accompanied by their representatives in illness’ matters, preparations for legal proceedings, telephone calls also in the middle of the night, Belgium, Eastern countries, overseas. And nobody leaves us without having learned and discussed the contents of history noted here, regardless of language barriers and ideologies whatsoever. They all come to us on their own initiative, yes, the mass media that are we ourselves and they themselves. We have never placed any advertisement, never made any publicity, only in a few exceptional cases have we allowed articles in the press, word for word censored by us and according to the criteria of the concept of illness, instead of brainwashing and dulling of the people. Our unlimited confidence in the universal strength of illness, as certain by experience as by illness, has often and often again turned potential and actual errors and mistakes into constructive impulses: Only completeness crushes constructively. And yet: Among all the weightings only the matter illness has always priority, megatons upon megatons of weight, but unweighable as concept of illness, as any concept, explosive force of all mechanical scales, of all commodity-forms and value-forms, but exactly because of this the revolutionary approximation to the human species, and then as real and self-evident as the first mechanical scale in pre-Hellenic times, together with the metaphorical one of Lady Justice derived from it. KRANKHEIT IM RECHT! (Illness in the Right/Illness in Justice).

No organisation, but having something available for and against everything that is needed, always and instantly. How come? No, we really do not have lying around any Ark of the Covenant as the old Hebrews, nowhere. But it consisted perhaps of illness, comprehended or uncomprehended; for, this also teaches us the history of the Patients’ Front. And now just have a look, quite to the contrary, at the occurring events of the occult scientists [Geheimwissenschaftler]. After decades, almost by chance, it struck them that they would lack an organisation, because no one knew any longer, where he actually belonged. In the SPK, on the contrary, everything was available within the first fortnight, without any organisation; working circles, general assemblies, single agitations [Einzelagitationen], group agitations [Gruppenagitationen], all this without organisation, without organisers. The same again today, totally different, totally the same, available, graspable, usable, appropriate. Be-mattered of illness is the history of the Patients’ Front, raising the spirit or not. [Krankheitsbestofft ist die PF-Geschichte begeisternd oder nicht]. That’s why there is this Who, who not, see the beginning of what is noted down here, including chronicle and chroniclers; because illness is never ever illness of time [Zeitkrankheit], but anticipation glance of the species, or, on the contrary, food for the iackers.

To remember: "Nihilist, anarchist (no churchgoing!)", that’s what the prison pigs, under the command of their medical director, Dr. Henk, 1973 had written on the door of the prison cell no. 109. All doubts cleared away.

Collective memory in externalisation

IllnessES unite!



MFE Greece, MFE craencStw

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Socialist Patients' Collective / Patients' Front, SPK/PF(H), 26.08.2019