Newest announcement:

The Patients' Front has achieved that the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm (here: Pro-Euthanasia-Bill in Luxembourg) has failed also
for a second time
thanks to the attacks of the transnational patients' class.

PF/SPK(H), 09.10.2008


The medical doctors' class has lost another battle.

Patients' class is the citizens' first duty.

Patients' class through thick and thin.

PF/SPK(H), 07.03.2008

The newest medical internment camp-for-the-final-solution is called Luxembourg.
Those in the Netherlands and in Belgium are still working,
under the command of the all dominating medical doctors‘ class
 to which everybody obeys, also democratically made in USA,
primogenitorally founded and established not in Germany but in the USA.


At that time, it started with the extermination war against people stigmatized as unpopular and undesired, the ill ones, the old, the weak. In the end, there were 60 millions who had died in the World War.

The primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm is a genocidal threat against all people, against society as a whole.

The example of the Netherlands shows: it doesn’t matter under which pretext it starts: in the end, people are executed against their will, also against the objection of their relatives, executed by euthaNAZIa under the hangman’s rulership of the medical doctors. In the Netherlands 18 people are murdered every day by the medical doctors, euthaNAZIed, and that against their will. And that is only the official number.

Through the laws brought on the way by the medical doctors now also in Luxembourg, the medical doctors‘ monopoly to murder without punishment has been raised to a law.

Nobody, who wants to die, has ever needed a law for that. Even seriously ill people, whose suffering and pain are used by the medical doctors as political leverage, don’t want to die. Some have got themselves the so called dying-pill. But almost no one ever takes it. But as soon as the medical doctor comes up, there is no turning back. The medical doctor pronounces the death sentence "incurable". With this death sentence, the medical doctor gives himself the authorization to kill. The laws, that prohibit everybody to murder and to manslaughter, are not applied to the medical doctor. The laws in Luxembourg, too, make that possible. But murder remains murder even when the perpetrator is a medical doctor.

EuthaNAZIa is the bloody frenzy on a mass scale of the medical doctors‘ class. There is no good or bad "assisted dying": all this is, was and remains euthaNAZIa, as long as there exists at least one medical doctor who therefore is the one in command. Before that any attempt of discussion about it is pro euthaNAZIa, for the medical arse (Arschzt), favouring all ongoing and following holocaustalikes.

It is however certain that society, including everyone and everything belonging to it, wants to live, and many an experience which the single ones are deprived of by the killer doctor, might turn out, in the retrospective inspiration of all, to have been one of the most important experiences in relation to the society as a whole. Being alive one lives better than being dead, for sure. That does not differ in Luxembourg from the rest of the world.

But it can be done in a different way:

Thanks to the Patients‘ Front the genocidal euthaNAZIa plan has failed, exemplary in Colombia.

PF/SPK(H), 27.02.2008


The facts:

At that time drafting recruits by force. Today raising an army of killer doctors from all over Europe.
The lure: gaining hard cash for the killer doctors for practicing murder.
What for? To make the medical doctors' class' monopoly of power even more violent and powerful.

Luxembourg as recruits-dealer-country for the Swiss, 200 years back in time. Traces in literature until nowadays. Saving on stretchers (Bahren sparen) then already. Instead of stretchers cash (statt Bahren Bares) for the killer doctors today. But in the Netherlands the all-European abortion slaughter in the 70ies, voluntarily she-customer service on advance payment.

You yourself, too, gentle (geneigte) reader, can very comfortably follow those traces.

For illustration:

The Swissman

At Strasbourg on the entrenchment, there started my grief:

the alphorn I heard playing well from the other side,

over to the fatherland I had to swim.

That should not be!


At one at night they brought me:

they led me right in front of the captains house,

oh God!, they fished me out of the stream.

It's all over with me!


Early morning at ten they took me in front of the regiment:

to beg there for pardon

and I will surely get my punishment.

That I know already!


You my brothers, today you see me for the last time.

The shepherd boy only is to blame,

the alphorn did all this to me:

This I do accuse.

                                                                 Friedrich Silcher



Der Schweizer


Zu Straßburg auf der Schanz, da ging mein Trauern an:

das Alphorn hört' ich drüben wohl anstimmen,

in's Vaterland mußt' ich hinüber schwimmen.

Das ging nicht an!


Ein' Stund' in der Nacht sie haben mich gebracht:

sie führten mich gleich vor des Hauptmanns Haus,

ach Gott, sie fischten mich im Strome auf.

Mit mir ist's aus!


Früh morgens um zehn Uhr stellt man mich vor das Regiment:

ich soll da bitten um Pardon,

und ich bekomm gewiß doch meinen Lohn.

Das weiß ich schon!


Ihr Brüder allzumal, heut' seht ihr mich zum letzten Mal.

Der Hirtenbub ist doch nur Schuld daran,

das Alphorn hat mir solches angetan:

Das klag ich an.

                                                                 Friedrich Silcher




MFE crænc



Interim Results in the Electronic Class War

Italy is taking up the illness
We knew it already, the HEAL is croaking

Italien greift die Krankheit auf
wir wußten’s ja, das HEIL geht drauf

(Huber, 19.07.1984)

At that time the world already knew much about iatrocracy. Meanwhile our Stromzeitung (PF/SPK(H) on the internet):

It was a doctors’ political [aerztepolitische] mass event. There has never been a Third Reich. 275.000 killed children of innocence then. Today 600 a year in the Netherlands. These infants would have agreed to their killing at their free will. That is new, nothing else. To whom? The medical doctors! (La Stampa)

The Modern-Euthanazism is the Experimental Religion of the stupid ones. The children's disease, that is the doctors' class; to be added.

As it's said, as it's written:

Italy is taking up the illness
We knew it already, the HEAL is croaking

The medical norm is noxious as a deadly poison.

Children are liable for their parents.

PF/SPK(H), 25.03.2006


The con-sequent question of principle about the Iatroclastical [Die Frage nach dem Iatroklastischen]: concerning the prince-ity [Prinzenschaft], princesses and princes, evokes the floating body [Schwebekoerper] of warmth, mimesis and masses. And in no case neither the worldly nor God’s court jester, neither August nor Hiob. For: this, our prince-ity is ill-disposed to the Gestalt, and this principally. We can therefore presume our prince-ity being to be found everywhere and nowhere, but in no case it can be individuated into a Gestalt and in those who represent the Gestalt [Sachwalter = administrators]: the Arche-iaters, within any scheme of culture and princ-ery. Our imposition and claim: to increase warmth up to the point, where it re-volts into the states of fever surpassing the limits of any structure [Gestalt]. Even stiffness [Starre] must be free of the Gestalt, or at least deformed, but never rigor mortis, rather alike a sardonic grimace [risus sardonicus, sardonische Grimasse] if need be.

Our prince-ity, cadres, heroes and avant-gardes, if one likes, consist in the thermomimetic monsters, precisely in those whose capacity is exceeding that of the central computer, and even more so the powers of imagination [Vorstellungskraft] of the ‘wanted’ poster. The interrogatory impulse, the mythomanical impulse [der mythomane Fragetrieb], therefore, if by way of exception it thinks at all (electro-magnetic field! ingniting actuality), has certainly no intention of separating the prince-ity from the masses, and does not think at all of that. Because of its being ill [krankhaft], it feeds on and off [zehrt er sehr selbstvergessen von] all the form-differences, up to the point to forget itself, melting them down and converting them, and, what is the same, it continues feeding on them [zehrt auf], it forgets the answer, wants to remain stuck to the question, until it boils over, and it does not answer, but answers for all [antwortet nicht, verantwortet], is pre-cizing a DIFFERENT reality, in defiance of the being-so reality [prae-zisiert das ANDERS dem So-Sein zum Trotz].

Warmth is not only infra-red. It is even Iatroclasm against all external light: Flesh-colored like Earth’s hot tempered core made of nickel-iron, incarnat colour hostile to cold, sparkling and oscillating flesh, the one with the transversal stripes at the cells of the heart muscle and the smooth one in the stomach, which generates and spreads its own light. No screen, no cathode-ray oscillograph can arrest it. A telluric body illuminating from its own source, a body that is liberating itself from any structuring [Gestalt]: iatroclastic intellect.

It is permanently roving, but it is something which juts out of the routine, which does not fit, in which is perceptible this revolution [Er ist dauernd auf der Walz und in Dauerumwaelzung].

To the image-caring and calorie-conscious health-citizens it is an alarm signal, to the politicians an up to now still affordable tribute to progress, to the medical doctors an opportunity good enough to launch one euthanasia campaign after the other, in the WFMH (World Federation for Mental Health)-style: treacherously, through surreptitious advertising; here, therefore, clearly spoken: they are to be frozen out, they are to be killed [kaltmachen], firstly, because they are expensive, and secondly, because they are monsters [Erstens sind sie teuer und zweitens Ungeheuer].

Who are "they"? First of all, they are those who have nothing to offer, nothing to spread but a piece of warmth of fusion, made cold and inoffensive by the myth of the Brownian molecular motion, those who are deformed from birth [Mißgeburten], the monsters, the deformed, the dysplastic ones, precisely those heavily built [grob-schlaechtig, cf. a-syn-metric] of the so-called ictafin, falling [hinfaelligen] constitutional type. Thus [halt] those with twain [zwieschlaechtigen] dimensions, those with the enormous growth over their backside, those with the brainless frog-like head, those with too much hand and foot, too much, too little and without, the "waterspouts", the gargoyles, mongoloids and Siamese twins, and others, in brief: all those, to whose Earth-warm intellect is attributed the name mooncalf [Mondkalb], to make us forget, that their intellect still knows about terrestrial warmth. According to experience not yet that old, even the most intelligent humanism, the humanistic intellectual, prefers to connect the cow-warm intellect, which has just been sketched, with everything else but with Earth. And the least with oneself of course, but the most likely with muddy earth.

PF/SPK(H), 18.03.2008


The primary (proto-)medical class of Modern-EuthaNAZIsm,
after its shameful defeat in Luxembourg, tries to evade to Belgium,
 regardless of all similarities to and echos of the eldest Herod complexes of murdering children

The primary (proto-)medical class of Modern-EuthaNAZIsm, after its shameful defeat in Luxembourg, tries to evade to Belgium, regardless of all similarities to and echos of the eldest Herod complexes of murdering children. Even though Belgium had established one of the first German KZs (Concentration Camps) soon after the beginning of the war. Therefore none would have been missing. This medical doctors' class is now looking for the law on murdering children on a mass scale without being punished, the law that became a debacle for the Luxembourgers and already aeons before that for those of Herod's and Herodias' lineage, cursed until nowadays and for all eternity, with or without pulpit sermons.

But certainly: the ones sanctioned with the legal blessing have the right on the raw material and resource child. But the children have the right to die, just like in the Sixties of the past century with its treacherous murder of the unforgotten president of the Congo. Yes, the doctors' class has many faces. Its murder grimace was obvious enough already then in Belgium.

Thirsty for blood and torture Belgian tribes already scared and terrified Julius Caesar. Popes were not yet in fashion at that time. As is generally known some Bulgarian nurses together with a Palestinian medical doctor got themselves talked about because of child murder and they only shortly missed the gallow.

In Belgium's fortificated clinics a Jean Améry was under German protectorate. Contrary to and against all medical reason, on the trick question of a certain Werner Höfer in television 1974, he called out to hungerstriking prisoners being under the torture of forced nutrition: Don't give up. It was necessary though that his colleague Sebastian Haffner joined him, who had already and beyond Benelux got over Auschwitz, Buchenwald and Bergen-Belsen, and that decades after the end of the war also for the Benelux Countries.

Again: the penalty for child murder is death and it is like that and not otherwise all over Europe. Since Luxembourg there stands a further victory of the patients' class over the medical doctors' class. Patients' class is and remains the citizens' first duty. Patients' class through thick and thin.

Any attempt of evasion or any legal haggling and quarreling won't help.


PF/SPK(H), 06.04.2008

Translation: MFE Craenc and Stw

Final editing: