But there also exists an explosive mixture of bungled life and consciousness ... (radio transmission)

Nowadays there is nothing bungled round more than at life [Ueberhaupt wird heutzutage nirgendwo soviel rumgepfuscht als am Leben]. There can't be any doubt that he, who has the most direct access to every kind of life, is the medical man. For, what there appears in the fashion of life, is illness. It is under the pretext of illness, that the medical man's activities expand into all regions: bungling life, destroying and killing it, that's what the medical man primarily and finally does [... verpfuscht, vernichtet, ausmerzt]. The State, which indeed is nothing but an organized form of capitalism gives him the legitimation to bungle life, the bungling being masked behind the aureole of HEIL (compare: heal, sanctuary, health, integrity; think also of the German salutation from the days of Hitler and of the greetings of the old Roman gladiators: AVE (HEIL! imperator, morituri te salutant], and it is the medical man himself, who represents by the HEIL, associated to him, the constellation in the centre, governing all over into heaven and hell [in Himmel und Hoelle hineinregiert], and in all world periods [zu allen Zeiten], in all societies.

But there also exists an explosive mixture of bungled life and consciousness, a mixture, which does not keep hidden illness any longer, but quite on the contrary starts expressing it, making it go beyond its personal limits of the particular single life, defending itself against the therapeutic terrorism, for he, namely the medical man, because of being unable to heal at all, so much the more needs to learn how to terrorize best. Within this warfare [Kampfesgeschehen] starts an interdependence of effects [Wechselwirkung] and an inner connection between the formerly isolated persons, who until then hadn't been able to do more, than to care only about themselves.
To those formerly lonely persons illness now by leaps and bounds [sprunghaft] enhances the consciousness, the initially being empty [Leere] of this consciousness now is turned into the lesson [Lehre] of the necessity of learning anew-learning-by-learning [des Umlernen-lernen-Lernens]: forming future by producing future, making use of nothing but of one's own activities, expanding oneself beyond one's own limits, growing towards everybody and everything. Becoming skilful for the cosmic-social revolution [tuechtig zu werden zur kosmisch-sozialen Revolution].

Illness rather doesn't mean suffering, but quite on the contrary illness has to be taken as the formula of producing the whole of reality liberated from doctors [Krankheit ... Herstellungskategorie der nur arztfrei machbaren Gesamtwirklichkeit].
Exactly because this reality as the really whole seemingly is marked by impossibility, exactly because of that this reality as a whole neither is an utopic reality, nor can it be regarded eschatologically as if it were tied to any doctrine of HEIL (HEAL). It is the utopathy as a permanent proceeding, that means as long as there exists illness on the one hand, and as there exists on the other hand the task to form out of exactly this illness, understood as if it were the whole object as a common object [Krankheit Gesamtgegenstand*], the one and only mankind [den einen, einzigen Menschen - compare: adam kadmon], who yet has to be produced [Sie ist Utopathie in Permanenz, d.h. solange es Krankheit gibt und den daraus als Gesamtgegenstand erst noch zu machenden einen und einzigen Menschen].

*Not to be confused with Gesamtkunstwerk (synthesis of the arts)! A Gesamtgegenstand is rather like for example an Adam Kadmon, who really existed and who, today, should be constructed by ways of a collective fantasy, practising philosophy, that is: ideology! Richard Wagner (see Gesamtkunstwerk) surely hadnít the faintest idea about an Adam Kadmon, for this Adam Kadmon incarnated the totality of the overall pattern of illness. Richard Wagner instead preferred God and gods who, full of sympathy, kill illness, suffering and the patients. These gods were of this mega-composerís taste, while he preferably devoured rusk to get into the mood for composing an opera.


  1. Instantly kick the medical men out of all existent groups, which have to do with illness, resistance groups which act as patients' collectives!

  2. Make, that an increasing number of doctors get berufsverbot (prohibition and exclusion from profession), but not because of boozing, murder and slay and because of malpractices like those, but because of so-called deficiencies of character [Charakterdefekt], and that because of resistance. Think about who can be taken in consideration for that, even today!

  3. Keep your illness from being stolen; rest awareful! For within everybody of us there putrefies a piece of medical doctor!
    Hurt [kraenkt] in order to live, live in order to hurt.
    Join the Tribunals of Illness [Macht mit beim Krankheitstribunal], but be quite sure: only the Last Judgement of illness will be the beginning of your own true history [das KrankheitsWeltgericht erst ist der Beginn Eurer Geschichte]. Until then your own life, which of course is the life at all, will remain to be medically bungled.

For problems about surgery-operations, the problem "What-to-do-if-someone-has-broken-his-leg?", apply patients' control [Patientenkontrolle] and you'll get along with this problem, and the rest is to be done by iatrocides [- Iatrozide - pathenzised force, that means the power taken from illness - Kraft aus der Krankheit].
And things like prostheses, if they are there, bring in action those crutches against the medical men, if you have hesitated too long, all being too late now, as it may seem (crutches - pills, syringes, prostheses etc.). It is now in the seventh year, that we do so. And it works! Proved in so-called gravest cases. There already exists the first PATIENTS' FRONT paradise. There since three years the biologic and the psychopathologic old-age-death, which was prescribed for the hit person by the physicians, quite on the contrary is permuted by us all around the clock into an increasing life of consciousness.

Do start, now, at once! Make many PATIENTS' FRONT paradises! In due time we then will tell you, how to do it. For the time for prescriptions is over and now all depends on efficient knowledge, boiled knowledge [ausgekochtes], high carat knowledge, ill knowledge both in the distance and close by [hochkaraetiges, fern- und nahkrankes], tele- and sympathic knowledge [tele- und sympathisches], brand new knowledge [brandneu], but well prepared by thermomimetics. No medical terror factory, but diapathics, and all about and always proved by experience [und immer und ueberall die Probe darauf].

Last year we had to work on three trials against medical men, trials which were directed against the HEILanstalt (mental hospital) Wiesloch and in the course of those trials were sentenced as well some seven judges and lay-judges. And the sentences were done by ten thousands of persons and again and again. Again and again those judges and doctors were sentenced by a mass base of protest and resistance all about in Europe and far away including other continents, an increasing lot of corresponding interdependences of effects [eine europaweite und noch viel weitere, korrespondierende Massenbasis ...]. Those aforesaid three trials against medical men, trials which themselves are to be understood as just that, what they indeed are in reality, and that is to say, that they are provincial, peripheral events within the whole of a society, which itself is hit by its superstition for HEIL (HEAL) and health, the whole of a society being itself pulled to the iatro-capitalist offside of its madness [... in einer ... ins iatrokapitalistische Abseits ver-rueckten Gesamtgesellschaft]. But this kind of dissident's nightmare had been over and indeed had had no future since 1976, that's to say long before some governing State-psychiatrist had instigated those from the talking machine [Quasselapparat] and from the cudgel machine [Knueppelapparat] in our particle State [Laendle] to prepare on a high scale their attacks quite gloriously against two lawyers among some thousands and last not least also against one of their female councellors-at-illness [und dazu noch extra gegen eine Beistaendin mit Pauken und Trompeten mobil zu machen].

May be persons from the outer world, or persons who believe in the medical men were flabbergasted, when illness in the mental hospital [HEILanstalt] made use of the hunger-strike being its weapon now, that because of that the number of patients, closely tied together by their resistance, was increasing from 30 to 70 within the year, in which the named processes against medical men took place, that the women in the HEILanstalt (mental hospital) joined them starting riots against the doctors and the nurses, and that the front of the enemies - influenced by the protests from foreign countries - at least begins to split into jurists against medical men. But there are people who wonder and want to make us believe that results like those were impossible without being based on a large support from outside and especially being managed by an academic intelligence, thus by an elite disposing of every kind of medically formed and normed know-how*.

*Today we say: normoisie instead of bourgeosie

Only the refutation by practise being done and proved can serve against this false opinion, a refutation by practise on which the future of the patients' resistance depends, be it the most isolated and the most atomized [vereinzelt] resistance, done within the walls of a bang hospital of the HEIL [Knallburg des HEILs], whatever it might be.

Indelible orientation remains the hunger-strike in 1975, not combined with any conditions at all and unlimited in time, done in the prison's hospital of Hohenasperg, and always between surgery and psychiatry, an orientation thus, because of being a past matter of fact on the one hand, but nevertheless even more efficient regardless of its obstinately having been hushed up both all around outside and in the inner of this fortress at those times. To this hunger-strike there had preceded a strike against every kind of privileges and benefits, which the physician in the prison takes for good enough to deceive a prisoner by the impression of health, and this resistance had been started four years earlier with an increasing intensity by stages. No examination, no treatment, absolutely no talking to the medical men or to their courts or to their police, no single step or movement towards them if they came or if they begged for something, of course no calling them by the bell-push of the prison cell, no shutting the door if they opened it, no signatures, no visits, no letters, no receiving parcels, no fresh air, no walking nor move in the prison court, because all privileges or benefits like these having been censured.
The answer to this resistance behaviours was the medically prescribed embargo of all contacts, long ago before there existed the so-called Kontaktsperregesetz (law against contacts in prison, also concerning lawyers), but inversively there resulted for the first time, that there took place meetings with the lawyer and with visitors, which were totally free of being watched, for the visitors from outside more and more insisted on having a glance at the prisoner to see whether he was yet alive and the guardian governors suffered more and more from being worn out which finally was all the more untolerable for them, because fortunately they lacked any possibility to transfer the prisoner to another prison hospital far away and because in the meantime they had also exhausted all their possibilities to break the prisoner by going on ordering one quarantine after another, and thus finally for them there remained only the one possibility to keep open the door of this prisoner's cell, renouncing also their intention to revoke his due liberation because of the end of the sentence under the pretext of punishing him once more because of his resistance behaviour just mentioned, thus confirming by practise, that torture must break down and come to its end one way or another, if the tortured prisoner does nothing but keeping his obstinate silence.

Only from those forms of resistance, developed by an isolated prisoner who was exposed to extreme conditions of detention, there has resulted the possibility both for doing and studying which delivered the foundations for the now permanently done mass-riots in the mental hospital of Wiesloch.

From this it follows that: murder and manslaughter therein you can't inhibit, except by starting permanent attacks against the medical men, while at the same time enforcing control of the hospital conditions from outside, but nothing gets going therein, nothing continues working without referring to the exemplarily written history, written by the intensified and increased consciousness [gesteigertes Bewusstsein] formed by using under total risk and efforts the pathopractics of the impossible instead of politics, disregarding all disadvantages and refusing any compromise, refusing also every kind of politics defined as: art of that being possible [Politik als Kunst des Moeglichen], but doing what seems to be the impossible and joining that which truely is front: Huber WD - SPK -, is he whom we deal with here. For it was he, who attacked the medical men instead of remaining himself a charismatic therapist and an ingeniously practical man of philosophies [Systematiker]. For if there doesn't exist any machinery of healing there also will be no war, no nuclear power State [Atomstaat], no nazism. It was Wolfgang Huber, who never hesitated, not even for a moment, to make front against the prisons [Knast] and hospitals [Klapse] and who gruffly refused the career of a political prisoner offered to him not only by the prison governors, but also by other comrades [Genossen], in order to find out, if one could rely on illness yet quite beneath and isolated in a torturing cell, thus proving if illness keeps its promise given to all who in any way ever had been contacted directly or indirectly by the SPK. For without the healing machinery no torturing nazism can function, no iatro-capitalist pseudo-democrats society, no nuclear war.

The former police minister at Bonn recently has brought into circulation a big study of a psychiatrist spouse, in which there is dealt especially against and with Dr. Wolfgang Huber. For those who are joined to him in friendship are lacking not only the words because of favouring the weapon illness, but also they are lacking both time and sense for personality cult, whatever should be the premises.
The big thing is exuberating with spelling mistakes and with all kinds of other errors, but also it is bursting with superlatives, which partially even are mitigated [gebremst], in short: the big thing is at the whole nothing but a flicker chest [Flimmerkiste] out of gallbladder- and socialpolice-green [Flimmerkiste aus Galle- und Sozialgruen]. Just like the Greenies [Die Gruenen = modernist political party] in their platform the psychiatrist spouse explains using the present police ministry that health has to be regarded by everybody as the most important demand in all politics, and that she herself should be the competent person for the patients, because they were a manyfoldly suppressed minority. Just as the Greenies and all the others who she herself calls terrorists, she also prefers what she is calling in her words a sound stress - even then if this kind of stress should be in some cases the starting point of an illness - to the cosmopolitically so tremendous complex definition of illness [Krankheitsbegriff], especially as the definition of illness [Krankheitsbegriff] represents the revolutionary subject, especially as it represents illness as a weapon, weapon of knowledge and change.
But different to the Greenies she herself takes a summary against us, regarding us as if we were, as she writes: a disagreeable question to the future, for in our eyes, we just mentioned it, illness in this view is not at all something which could be taken for being questionable, but quite on the contrary illness for us is the productive formula [Herstellungskategorie] to form future by most radicalised love [in radikalster Liebe], most cordial solidarity [allerherzlichster Verbundenheit], and communism-adverse community [kommunismuswidriger Gemeinsamkeit].
A chieftain of the Greenies in the state parliament of Baden-Wuerttemberg one year ago there made use of much more distinct expressions, when he told to us point-blank clear: you are not meant to exist [Ihr gehoert weg]. Those who go too far, must be selected. What we, the Greenies need, is not you with your illness, what we need are those who are healthy, who wish to remain it, and those don't vote for you, but quite on the contrary for us. Why this chieftain is not yet explicitely a victim of the 20 July ( - day of the failed assault against Hitler), just as the same explicitely the named faculty-spouse and christian-democratic town councillor you'll never know, but perhaps this chieftain of the Greenies for that again is too green. At any rate we for our part always knew very well what about those guys. But he who knows by himself what he has to do certainly never will vote for the Greenies (but we ourselves are not eligible!): - for he who has got the pain, doesn't need to vote again [denn wer die Qual hat, dem ist die Wahl geschenkt].
We ourselves even take the word power as a word for a pleonastic word of abundance, firstly and especially if this power is joined to the feinted and blameful reality of a parliament, thus nothing but another component of the iatrarchy [HEILsgewalt], which by all means is to be abolished, just like any other medical thing. We as PATIENTS' FRONT confront it with the Last Judgement of Illness [KrankheitsWeltgericht], and call each power iatrarchy, because every kind of power follows the rules and the norms of the medicine, and saying so, we prove, that we even could achieve being understood by the doctors, if we ever should be fond of being understood by them.
But what we truly want is, what almost everybody wants: to get along with their illness.

To all those we pose the same requirement: do something for you, make the PATIENTS' FRONT yourselves. You don't need at once, beginning to put us aside, not even by doing nothing [... auch nicht beihilfsweise mittels Untaetigkeit]. Do quite simply nothing but making us replaceable [... macht uns ueberfluessig].
For until now you are bearing and transferring illness instead of the new man, who is both, a unit and truly an individual [... anstelle des einen, einzigen Menschen]. But all responsibility is on our side. What you bear, is a heavy load, but what is easier? Get down to the birth of your illness, get down to yourself, in order that you finally may rise yourself, unseparated by reinforced concrete [Stahlbeton], poison, surgery knives [Skalpell], articles and particles, rising wholly, what means completely, perfectly and in all the future [... vollstaendig, endgueltig und nachhaltig], inside and outside, with and without HEIlanstalt (hospital),
but never again HEIL (HEAL)!

[Clipping of a radio transmission by "Radio Dreyecksland" on 21 and 31 January 1983 (see: the bibliography of the writings of illness - Kraenkschriftenverzeichnis).]

Taken from: SPK Ė Turn Illness into a Weapon

PF/SPK(H), 01.05.2011