Late Revenge of the SPK

The Nazi-University of Heidelberg has financially bled dry because of its excellent honorary doctor Laughlin. The Rectorship is "sorely disappointed". Indeed!

SPK/PF(H) has succeeded in putting candelabra and soap-boilers on to 40 professors in Europe, Switzerland, Greece, Scandinavia, etc. by a simple postal communication.

Even these high-ranking messieurs of nowadays have understood what Nazi-Persilschein-bearers and Denazification-Camarillas are, seen from Europe, and what ought not to be an Excellence university once again.

The living spirit (Hegel, 1816) and the German spirit (1936) are and remain two different kinds, and they are not in any case army boots [Knobelbecher und Kommiss-Stiefel].

Old-Heidelberg is now called a Front Patients’ Town!
Evviva Huber
Yes, he’s still the old fellow!
Yes, they are once again the old fellows.
SPK/PF(H), October 13, 2006


SPK/PF(H), October 13, 2006