The University of Heidelberg
and the primary medical Modern-EuthaNAZISM

What a showpiece, forsooth!
Chief Quartermaster:
The US-sleep-epileptic and chief eugenicist Harry Laughlin
has remained its honorary doctor

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The Rector of the University of Heidelberg
Mr. Prof. Dr. Peter Hommelhoff
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September 4, 2006

Re: The University of Heidelberg under National Socialism
Edited by: W.U.Eckart, V.Sellin, E.Wolgast
Springer Medizin Verlag, 2006


All wrong. Today, under and by the primary medical modern-euthaNAZISM things are even worse. Without PF/SPK(H) there is no change at all, not even a trace of having come to terms with one’s past, no grand finale against the whole matter.

Ernst Klee and Goetz Aly are unreliable as sources. They have stolen everything from us. Patient-body strippers, that’s what they are.

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Addendum, September 25, 2006

In 1936, the US-American Harry Laughlin has brought his elimination-science to the University of Heidelberg, and for that he has received his honorary doctorate, which he continues to hold still nowadays. Also in 1936, thus at the same time, the German spirit had bloomed at the entrance portal of the Heidelberg University, the German, German spirit. It’s then, so we suppose, that the living spirit must have been vanished. After the professors had been deloused (cleared of their crimes) by the denazification courts in the late 40ies, the German spirit once again was called a ‘living’ one, instead of a German one. It’s according to its repaired dedication above the entrance of Heidelberg University that it is called such. Surely, at those times, during the medical-classic international mass murder it couldn’t have become more dead than German. ‘Are you like the spirit we can comprehend?’ (Faust I). You bet, and how!

1,000 today’s professors have been given a book as a present and they have let the Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung write an article on that, on its feature pages. In the context of their book the reader is called to become aware of the fact that once bad times were causally related to the SA (Storm-Troopers) (which is wrong, because the latter had been destroyed already two years earlier, precisely in 1934), but also that later on it were otherwise somehow causally related to gruffly students, and that therefore it would in no way be related to the 1,000 book-present receiving professors of nowadays, let alone to the primary medical modern euthaNAZISM. These professors too, thanks to their regained liberty of research and teaching (Rector Hommelhoff, the newspaper RNZ, its founder Knorr from "The Stormer") are watching today once again the Europe-wide raging of the extermination murder as passively as the belated noblest Persilschein-bearers (the former Nazis acquitted by the denazification courts and given a certificate of blamelessness), and certainly those who had granted them those certificates as well. "Original, in all your glory take your way!"