Front patients distributed this leaflet in 1979 against a medical congress in Maastricht (Holland). It is about dictating and prescribing, safety distance, health machines and the devouring of the sick. Just the same as with "Corona", now everything being much clearer.

And soon worldwide: The Lord (doctor) is my shepherd, I shall not lack being poisoned (forced vaccination).

About yet other doctors and man-eaters

Annual doctors’ congress (K.N.M.G.) - - - ,

what a bombastic trinity monster, pregnant with HEIL (salvation). The congress theme and subject, however, being for this time modest, quite ordinary, apparently completely innocuous: nutrition (voedings, goedvins, ovengids).

Apparently a harmless, innocuous everyday word, but nonetheless it should be stressed upfront that, whenever they speak of nutrition, essentially it is about cannibalism, about a healing technique that appears as a prescribed reality, thus as scripture, and, by consequence, as prescription.

The party of salvation and health, always under the guidance of the doctor, a whole "artsenrat" (council of doctors) in there, if this party brings up the topic of nutrition, then it is not about our weal and woes, whatever that is, and least of all it is about the right "ration" for everyone. How we have to live, if at all and for how long, to let them dictate this to us, that alone is what they have intended for us, the party of illness, as "nutrition" since Hippocrates' times. The medical crook word for nutrition: dietetics means more, means healthy(!) guidance through life, seduction, means everything: The medical snake bites into the full, i.e. sick human life.

So, where is it that nutrition takes places, what will be the outcome of the medical congress in there, when everything is done?! In the end, for all those who suffer from it, it will be once again just this: Nutrition, strictly speaking – and with them in there it is deadly serious (for sure!), you can believe that! – takes place, when the time comes, only where they have managed to bring us so far that the gastric tube chokes us, that the tracheal tube strangles us "reflexively", that the cut into the liver ("test biopsy ...") causes us to bleed internally to death.

All this supposedly because we, while drinking (alcohol, syringes, infusions, medicines, toxic waste in groundwater), while smoking (cigarettes, industrial and other exhaust gases) and while eating (calories, protein, fat, carbohydrates: the "socially hygienic" "quantity", the vast amount we have been trained at), in the car and in bed (seat belt, safety distance between getting up and lying down, dream and delusion, and in every respect), all this, as I said, because we had allegedly not adhered to:

Who really wants to live a healthy life, must never – as the cultic constitution requires – eat people without simultaneously devouring illness. Who are the better cannibals? According to the regulations, the doctor fights illness. And he likes the patients, piece by piece and in great numbers. He loves them to pieces. They are good enough to eat.

Anthropophagy is the wrong word for a reconciliation most foul. It should be read: devouring the sick = pathophagy! If it were different, patients would not be human, but rather e.g. torturing doctors (e.g. of compulsory nutrition in force-feeding, of body snatching and meat markets, health checkpoints, organ traficking and prosthesis banks, stigmatizers and ENEMY-gourmets) [FEIND-Schmecker].

What the hell has come over them, these masters medicynics, these prescription-makers, that is to say: prosthetists, plain text: gods of crutches, to open their annual congress, of all things, with "nutrition"? Are they hungry, are they in the grip of a lock-jaw, are the supplies grounding to a halt?

That's exactly what’s happening. And strangely enough: in the sign of "public health", the sick-eating, the old and the new cannibalism will celebrate triumphs, somersaulting like never before, while the doctor, exponent of a dying class, will rot piece by piece.

The identity of illness and capitalism, illness crisis buffer, "worth more than surplus value because of resistance", reactionary and revolutionary productive force No. 1 (SPK literature) has long since begun to take on a handy shape in the form of a huge park of health machines, that is flooding the "free market"; household goods for everyone, leaders in production, crisis savers of capitalism like-the-car-around-1900, like the-radio-around-1930,

but above all in the form and shape of a means of production of a class barrier, a fully automatic typewriter of se-lection, a class barrier between the health party and the patients’ front, in the face of which good and bad will have been euphemistic categories of a mutating Manichaeism, when that is all over.

The new health machinery, too, will eat the disease and the patient, as before. The consumer becomes a fully analyzed and fully synthetic master of the doctor’s secret in both his own affairs and the affairs of others, and of the medical secrecy which, as is well known, consists of knowing nothing at all; and every, but also every so-called diagnostics and therapeutics, i.e. everything about the operating and section table, incubator and couch, becomes his household item: he himself, a psychoanalysing machine and eugenics detector connected, likewise.

In this pregnant-of-salvation-process of competing health machines, however, the crisis proof of illness has to become objective up to impenetrability, indigestibility and inedibility, opposing the all-party health system as a bottomless nullity. A nullity, by the way, as the exponent of which the medical profession is already providing a useful aid to orientation, and some notable figures.





For the Patients’ Front, October 5, 1979
May 25, 2020