Put an end to the machinations of the doctors under the pretext of a so-called "coronavirus" ("Covid-19")!

Put an end to the health dictatorship of the medical doctors’ class (doctatorship)!

Attack! Go on the offensive!

Why doesn't the international medical class take worldwide action against the dirt epidemic (exhaust fumes, fine dust pollution, soot particles, etc.), which kills 7 million people every year, why not against the epidemic of the so-called medical "malpractice", which kills 2.6 million patients annually? Both epidemics affect the lives of hundreds of millions of people. Why doesn't the international medical class take global action against them?

Because it is the doctors themselves that are primarily responsible for this by their doings and by their omission. Every doctor by law and medical oath is solely obliged to avert harm from the patient. From the official doctor at the public health department up to the WHO (World Health Organization). Considered from a legal point of view: their position of a surveillance guarantor!

The doctors, and the associated so-called experts from the medical field of gravity, program, define, determine and decide as a shadow cabinet in the advisory and expert bodies of each supposed government respectively the so-called limit values, that means, for instance, the amount of pollutants and toxins that everyone must inhale, eat and drink every day. With "health" promises and the formula "according to the current state of science and technology", the doctors take over the decision-making power over everyone's life. Result: the above mentioned dead!

In the iatro-capitalist system of the anticipated death, doctors reckon with the forgetfulness of the subjects: When inhaling the poisoned air, nobody falls to the ground as if struck by lightning. The insidious poisoning is not immediately noticeable. And of those who are pinned years later on the diagnose of pneumonia or cancer as an individual disease, who will remember the dirt he or she has breathed in during the recent years with the blessing and approval of the medical class?

The doctors use military and dictatorial means. And that becomes more obvious every time:

And it is also no coincidence that the international medical doctors’ class is launching its global terrorist propaganda of "virus", "epidemic" and "pandemic" and the associated medically prescribed coercive measures that do not even try to hide their medical-military essence: overriding civil rights, forced therapy, forced quarantine, travel restrictions, border closings, closure of cities, state of emergency, military action, etc. All this at a time when a wave of protests and riots is spreading worldwide. Whatever their respective causes and demands are, it is protests whose driving and pushing power is essentially illness. The medical-military operations are measures to contain and stop this worldwide wave of protests, and at the same time they are aimed at conferring more power and domination to iatrocracy.

The goal of any medical activity and operation is to suppress the protest arising out of illness, i.e. the patients’ resistance against the compulsion to adapt to a harmful and deadly reality: Iatro-Capitalism.

The medically inflamed poisoning business of the "epidemic" consists in the fear of illness, i.e. fear of the sick, a fear that is instilled in everyone by medical terrorism and spread everywhere (medical brain imperialism). This poison is instilled in order to eat up and destroy every onset to a social fabric that aims to be freed from all oppression, every coming together and being-for-each-other, every cooperation and solidarity. Instead, the iatro-capitalist maxims "run for your lives" and "everybody for himself" are propagated by the doctors, and with them are growing the isolation, the distance, the separation, the competition and antagonism, the fight of each-against-each-other, and the division.

It is only with PRO illness as a principle and by standing up AGAINST the medical class that we make ourselves immune to these machinations of the medical doctors’ class.

For decades, the Socialist Patients Collective / Patients Front, SPK / PF (H), together with other SPK units around the world (MFEs), has been fighting the iatrobiontic war of doctors and the health dictatorship of the medical doctors’ class (doctatorship) against everyone with effective counterattacks. Many others from the patients’ class adopt their pathopractic actions and go on the attack.

Building the patients’ class is the citizen’s first duty!

Put the doctors under patients’ control!

There is unity against illness. Let's reverse the situation. Otherwise it will kill us.

SPK/PF MFE Colombia, SPK/PF MFE Espa, 18.03.2020

Here are some texts that are important, especially regarding the so-called "corona virus":

Stop the medical doctors’ iatrobiontic warfare against all people!
Make front against it!

AIDS, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ebola ...

"Virus" means poison. Who is poisoning?

All the doctors’ rubbish to the dump, cause no-one no more wants their junk


The medical doctors are to blame for the deadly dust epidemic:
dust or clouds of smoke and poison, fine dust, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, contaminated water, radioactive pollution, smog ...
The medical doctors are to blame because they hold the guarantee-position!

The state of the world is illness, What is to be done?

EuthaNAZIa, nowadays?