Turn illness into a weapon

Hack your rage and anger in the keys

Many are joining in the attack against the Iackers

With and pro illness, all for each and each for all

Here you find how to do it

The following texts have been published already in the internet worldwide or were not published at all or were immediately deleted, as soon as they could be read. They are not "comments", but attacks against the primary medical modern-euthaNAZIsm, against organ butchering, against the Iatrobiontic warfare, against the HEALTHdictatorship. We welcome the opportunity (thanks for the mails!) to publish these statements now here in our electronic newspaper, statements against the various manifestations of the DOCTATORSHIP. Aim and purpose: for others to make use of these arguments in the electronic class struggle against the medical doctors’ class. All people want to learn to defend themselves. They just don’t know how and the immediate objective. Isn’t it definitely better – rather than to suppress your anger and get yourself a stomach ulcer, drown your anger in booze, or become depressed – to turn your illness as a protest to the outside? The world cannot wait eternally for everything.


There has to be growth!, the cancer cell says. There is no production of commodity without production of illness. Living work is turned into dead matter. Illness expresses this process, which is in permanent progress and gaining ground.

I’ve read the other day, that everyone owns 10,000 things. That’s 10,000 tombstones. In fantasy films: the warlock bans the life of his killed victims into items that get charged this way. In Capitalism: the commodities contain broken bones, hands chopped off by machines and bodies burned by chemicals, i.e. the illness of the producers, and therefore the commodities are valuable. More and more commodities. And more and more illness on the side of those who produce all these commodities, from Bangladesh to Berlin, from Shanghai to Chicago. Full shelves, but the people are empty and burned out.

But where change would be necessary to make an end to exploitation and capitalistic illness, there is therapy and doctoring instead, and these are commodities, too. Turnover of the medical business: 287 billion per year in Germany.

Somewhere else military tanks are mobilized against rebellious people, here the prescription pad is used to suppress protest, protest that emerges as illness. Without connecting to illness as a protesting force and without practical possibilities against doctoring and therapy nothing is ever going to change. Not a word about that in the article. At least, other people address this.
See: Identity of Illness and Capital and Iatro-Imperialism.


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The solution to the problems is:

The doctors’ class has got to go,

a classless society is the aim,

forward the patients’ class!

Long ago already the world has ceased being governable
For example: Whoever is making a testament against organ removal, is counting on the state and on the laws being in force, on the state’s power to intervene or even to interfere. That, however, is subjected to the vicissitudes of the economy. As everybody knows, the economy is anarchic and irrational and consequently always control is needed. The corresponding details are laid down by the medical norm in close conjunction with the capitalist economy which is incurable on principle; are laid down by the medical norm above all and not in the last place, also in state, parliament, legislature, executive power and opinion making, very weak, indeed, being ailed from the very bottom, even more so than the economic-medical complex as a whole, iatrarchy, iatrocracy.
See also: The Communist Manifesto for the Third Millennium

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Both euthanasia (some call it euthaNAZIa) and assisted suicide mean that there is a war going on, a war against the old, the ill, the weak, a war against us all. Like a horse who broke its leg people are shot, not by a roaring gun but secretly behind closed doors by a syringe, so no noise of the dying patients shall alarm us.

Who are the war profiteers? First and foremost the medical doctors with their latest trick: They initially talk people into euthanasia and then harvest their body organs. This is no science fiction film. Already in 2005 doctors have killed a young woman "at her own request", solely for the purpose of exploiting her body organs. That was in Belgium, it is now routine.*

Remember the Stone Age medicine men in wartime, sacrificing people on the altar table, cutting out their organs and worshipping their gods to get their blessings, i.e. health? The medicine men of today exactly the same, killing and sacrificing people – that is you and me, him and her, sisters and brothers, colleagues, friends and loved ones –, doing that for their own blessedness, for money and glory, for an illusion called health.

But people begin to see through that poisoned fog and fight back.

* More on this issue for example here:The medical doctors prey on body organs

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About the political economy in the identity of suicide = murder

I was thinking of the following SPK quote: … "sui"cide = homicide. Even an attempted "sui"cide is nothing but PROTEST out of illness. Everybody here wants to LIVE, otherwise he wouldn’t have come to earth. But some don’t want to continue to live on THAT WAY. What they seek is not death but a radical change … We have set illness-species and thermomimetics-warmth against the White Death

See also "Diapathics of a Resurrection" and "Turn Illness into a Weapon".

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Are we talking about channels of protest by the strength of illness?

Or is it about the old lame fight against something called "patriarchy" and "machismo" in favour of something called "natural sexuality" and "freedom"?

Just think about Ms Jolie’s breasts amputations recently, about reproductive medicine, genetics, sterilisation programs and so on – this fight of the he- AND the she-doctors against everything and everyone that is ill, this medical death path that is finally leading to euthanasia, or euthaNAZIa as you should call it. Then you know: All impoverishment, oppression and alienation of both women AND men, of human kind all over the world, derives from doctatorship.

There is only one liberating practice and that is to free oneself from the only really ruling class, the medical doctors’ class, and their norms and their penetrating therapeutic terrorism. Men and women together, not separated as men and women, but united as patients, as illness’ people, starting a new society based on the protest that is illness.

Everyone in favour of she-illness may have a look at: Some pathopractice about the feminist question

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Family is being in love with the suppression by the norms of the medical doctors’ class. Making iatroclastic experiences together with other people is attacking that suppression and liberating oneself from these norms.

Because in the mass-theoretical structure-formula made of love, withdrawal of love and family, of thesis, anti-thesis and conciliation, which is equal to institution, anti-institution and health, unfortunately, the most important element as to its authorship is missing: the archi-dyade THERAPISTpatient. According to iatroclastic love-experiences, that cannot be otherwise. The therapistpatient–dyade is nothing but the so-called IN-divi-dual. It is true that it is gauged and standardized extremely well on the normal temperature. However, just a few fractions above 37° C degree, there is its infectious, igniting and inflaming melting-point. The "individual" knows infection, ignition and inflammation only from its fear of becoming infected, ignited, inflamed. To be well-understood: as fear of infection, of vermin, bacilli, viruses, wanted children there included.

In the system of the mass-theoretical structure-formula made of health, reconciliation and family, and in politics in general, lacks ILLNESS. The fear of infection of the well-tempered is politicizing the feverish at every step. With what then? With health!

Nowadays, illness disturbs and turns from down to up warmth, worldwide and in masses. Asceticism and ritual, the technical arsenal of the mythical experiment in general, including the educational system up to now, are being outdated by illness. The iatroclastic consequences are to be drawn directly by achieving change by thermometizising.

See also: Iatroclasm

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The man died in therapy, some call that the primary (proto-)medical Modern-EuthaNAZIsm.

What to do? Start MFE-collectives and withdraw your old people and your unborn ones from the medical doctors' class, who are EuthaNAZIsts and who foil the human species. Turn the common torpidity into 2, 3, many torpedoes. You yourselves are the torpedoes, also in the form of criminal charges and paragraphs.

Reading is a first step: Gossip Made Sink

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Talking about Hitler and his philosophy the most important thing is, it was the iatrocracy which elected itself a Hitler.

Under pretexts such as eugenics and euthanasia, under pretexts such as mental- and racial hygiene & mental health, this concerted iatrocracy succeeded in using Hitler and his fellows as a vehicle and as tools for their ends. And that was possible, because the latter were most successfully duped into believing the iatrocratic theories and writages on race, theories and writages in which, still today, is once again creeping a mass of entwined dendrits of a world-wide propaganda-machine, which is infiltrating consciously and systematically all branches of suitable experts and oncoming cadres, a propaganda-machine whose task it is to disguise the monopoly to murder as negation behind flowery phrases about health, mental health and dignity, and this all the better, as iatrocracy, being positioned as (ruling) class, is exposing its world format more openly.

Thus Hitler and his fellows could take the killing of patients, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end of all iatrocracy, which needs homicide to constitute itself as class domination, for sheer concern about illness, nation and race. That the breaches of contract and confidence, the malices, traps, cowardices and treacheries, described in the Old Testament and wildly vilified in "Mein Kampf", are no matter of the Jews but revealed matter of the medical doctors ("…, the LORD, thy healer"), who, to escape the "patients’ lot", have to hide themselves just behind one God who, as a substitute for surplus product, can only turn therapeutically the redundancy of a sacrified people into razor-sharp Manichaeism, envy, distrust, lust for revenge and deceptiveness, all this and a few more things no doctor would have revealed to them then nor would he today, and no patient would have believed it, then.

Thanks to the Patients’ Front all this is different today.

For the term iatrocracy you may look for the text Iatrocracy on a Worldwide Scale.

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What the author describes is a small but also relevant part of the so-called electronic class struggle: On one side of this struggle you find the normoisie mega-sect, with people like the wikipedians who are thinking in norms and worth and hierarchy and who are imposing these norms upon others, and on the other side you have the oppressed ones, fighting and liberating themselves from these norms.

The SPK who invented the term electronic class struggle also coined the name "snooping polyps" (in German: "Schnueffelkraken") for the wikipedians, and, even more accurate, "euthaNAZIstic louts" ("EuthaNAZIluemmel"). Because that is what they are and do, sorting people out by spreading "healthy norms" and "common sense". Once sorted out people are ostracised so you can kill them, either as trolls in the electronic world or as unworthy in the real world.

In this regard see also the Claim for enacting Europe-wide laws against Euthanasia, especially part III: Europe against  EuthaNAZIa

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The way out of torture is paved with broken doctors!

In solidarity with the hunger-striking people in Guantanamo and most recently in California this is important to know.

How this can be done, even on the condition of solitary confinement? See here:

In English: Solitary confinement

En Espanol: Aislamiento celular

See also the Message of solidarity to the 30.000 California Prisoner Hunger Strikers:

Message of solidarity

Mensaje de solidaridad

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All along the way in our lives physicians tell us that illness is an unbearable terrorizing force. It is a lie! Your article and also the most of the comments tell a completely different truth.

I would like to go the extra mile:

Life is all about illness and illness is all about life. Illness involves everybody, it forces us to relate to it, to relate to each other. This is good, not bad. So every society is measured by the way we react on illness, on ourselves being ill, on ill people around us. Do they have to adapt to us? Or has it not to be reverse: you, I, him and her, we and everybody and everything have to adopt to them, to their illness?

Let us appreciate them and ourselves for what we are: ill, as in: becoming ill, as in: becoming human at all. Because the secret of illness is human species, something that is still lacking (look around!), something that is produced in being PRO illness as a first step. This is new, that new, you could say it comes from the future into our present. A future we have to embrace because it is the only one we have. Health is but a figment of the mind (look around again!).

Reading between the lines of the article it shines through.

If you are more interested in this, you may have a look at this text: The secret of illness is human species

PF/SPK(H), 05.01.2014