Radio-Interview with KRANKHEIT IM RECHT
(Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice),

broadcasted on April 11, 1995


1. What kind of people are coming to you?

First of all, the following:

Illness is indeed, and also according to our experience, the most hated matter. And if that is true, then it means that the personal bond to this matter is the strongest, assuming that love-hate is still one of the strongest bonds, although weakened by the dichotomy that is already expressed in the word 'love-hate'. And sometimes we have the impression that especially so-called political people are experts, not to say fanatics, concerning the hatred of illness, which is matched by a great deal of feigned love for the patient. Example: no one makes a song, music, or even a rhyme about illness, except ourselves. For every event, every circumstance, a suitable or unsuitable song is possible, by others, about others in general, and also about illness, namely by ourselves. Otherwise even the singer is silent, about illness of all things, as already said. Here now music from us about illness*:

* See tape cassette: Pathoelementalmusik zu: 25 Jahre SPK / 60 Jahre Huber / Gruß der Patientenfront statt einer Laudatio

And now to your question about the people who come to us?

Everybody comes to us, and that is already a difference to a clinic, to a counselling centre: there they first sort and select whether someone fits in and is taken.

In opposite to that, here with us: There's the young woman who wants to get out of her porn film contract; then there's the anarchist from the self-organised youth centre, but also the old Stalinist and Bolshevik who can't get on with writing leaflets on his own, who also has to leave his flat and who wants to get the hammer and sickle put on his tombstone when the time comes; then a newly enamoured man with a 16-year-old girlfriend and questions about sexuality; men and women wanting to get divorced, and enquiries from the Greens and people from prison groups who don't know how to help themselves. And, of course, those who have to deal with doctors, whatever their discipline, and have trouble with them, and ask us what they can do against these doctors.

Who does not come to us: doctors, therapists. But patients from clinics, for example, come to us, they have been given the address secretly by the doctors there, who don't want to be named.

The ones who are attacked, and these are primarily the doctors, e.g. in clinics and mental hospitals [HEILanstalten], of course try to get rid of us every now and then. The nurses who claim that KRANKHEIT IM RECHT is a forbidden law office, we take them to court. And in general, we use courts against the doctors. Therefore: KRANKHEIT IM RECHT, Pathopraktik mit Juristen (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice, Pathopractice with Jurists).

Whoever comes to us we are often the last resort when all else fails has already made a preliminary decision that they do not want therapy and treatment, just as those who came to the SPK in 1970/71 had decided beforehand. It is well known that we are not a self-help group, a patient protection association or an euthanasia association.

In the meantime, we have existed in this organisational form, as KRANKHEIT IM RECHT (Illness in the Right / Illness in Justice), here in Mannheim, for 10 years, as part of the Patients’ Front, based on the Socialist Patients’ Collective, which has existed for 25 years this year, 30 years to be exact. The SPK only exists as SPK in the PATIENTS’ FRONT. And whoever thinks of SPK will immediately think of Wolfgang Huber, who founded and created the whole thing, who is 60 this year, and without him none of this would exist – – – . KRANKHEIT IM RECHT also exists in other places, the respective organisational framework is different.

Well, so much for the introduction.


2. What kind of problems have the people who come to you?

Much has been heard about the so-called "standstill in the administration of justice", but perhaps it is still too little known that there is now a standstill, a bankruptcy of therapy. There exists no cure, there exists no salvation. You can tell the evidence for this yourself: You enter the clinic and leave with AIDS because of the contaminated blood; if you are young and live a few hundred kilometres away from here, you come back from the doctor with one kidney less. And that you and I are a waste from the point of view of the doctors will be clear at the latest when the New Man has been bred on a mass scale, who will then be able to withstand nuclear pong, the hole in the ozone layer, all the poisons and all the intensified exploitation. That’s what he is supposed to withstand, allegedly. From the point of view of the doctors, people like you and me just have to disappear.

The fact that many things go wrong, and AIDS is only a weak beginning for other epidemics, is to be added to this "naturally", i.e. due to the doctors’ responsibility.


3. What do you convey in the counselling sessions?

Well, you say "counselling", we have expressions like: Breaking up problems [Problem-Aufbruch]. Problems can only be solved by first breaking them up. The contradictions that are contained in them, the various connections that are hidden in them, must first be worked out. We apply the concept of illness to everything with its moments: Alienation, wage labour, self-begetting, capitalism, revolutionary process. Applying everything to illness, applying illness to everything: that is to use one of our words pathopractice. Not therapy, but agitation, and to this belongs: effective knowledge, diapathics [Diapathik], that is what we call it.

In any case, the result of the problem break-up is: a decision. Those who have been with us know afterwards where they stand in relation to themselves and to us and whether they want to defend themselves or not. What matters: learning to defend oneself, to take matters into one's own hands. For example, there is a former psychiatric patient who did not make it through school. Today, after several years of having fought together, we and he, against the doctors who nursed his mother to her death in the nursing home, he can represent his own matters before the authorities and the court without us and also without a lawyer, and he wins against them! In the meantime, he also advises others about what they can do.

Why we can do it: For 25 years, a lot of experiences of all kinds of people, starting with the 500 in the SPK, up to the present day, along with all those that are being added every day, experiences documented from all areas of life, plus what is necessary to get it all together in one's head, the theory that encompasses it all, the concept of illness. This is how effective knowledge [wirksames Wissen] is created, a whole lot in the course of time. The graduations in all fields and areas, also at the university level, are also added with us. It is always good to know the enemy territory.

And it's clear that with us it is talked about things that are never discussed elsewhere, not in the family, not at work, not at school and certainly not by the doctor.

The public, the newspaper, that's us, we ourselves, and who comes to us. The media, that's the people themselves, everything else is obfuscation.


4. What is your theoretical development?

Our theory of the new revolution by virtue of illness is complete and coherent, it has existed since the SPK, and the corresponding practice has also existed since then. And what is increasingly coming to us is reality. Our SPK formula of the identity of illness and capitalism, for example, namely that everything is devoured by profit, which is spreading, and cancer and other things are proliferating in the same way, you can come to Japan, to California or to Italy today, they all know that. So SPK is worldwide. Our texts have also been translated worldwide in the meantime. By the way, "theory" and "practice" are not separate with us. As already said before, nothing works without effective knowledge.


5. What is motivating your work?

"Motivation", "motivation", comes from the psychology moth-box, you can't grasp anything with it, but already clear what you mean. In general, we are concerned with bringing about practical changes in all the people, things and relationships we come into contact with, just as we have been doing with ourselves for years. When this is done, it brings about better illness, it brings about to use common expressions better hormones and endorphins, also better states of immunity and ecstasy. The solution to the drug problem is included in this.

For the rest, the question for us, as for everyone else, is currently: illness or death? In other words: either illness as a species in order to create the human species or the medical specialists destroy it, the species, before it exists. On the one hand, there is the Patients’ Front and on the other hand what one could call the SALVATION front (HEILsfront, Iatrocracy, dominion of the medical class the world over). Illness rather doesn’t mean suffering, it's there to make something out of it. If there is a future in anything today, it is the illness, the illness with its reference to the human species, which has yet to be created. We are not flies and we are not mice whose development is already complete and finished. But the doctors are busy finishing off humanity too, destroying the human species before it even exists. So there is work to be done, and immediately. Therefore: patients relating to the human species against specialized idiots of every kind.


6. What is your picture of illness?

A distinction has to be made between so-called clinical pictures, as rubricated by doctors, e.g. in the international diagnosis code, and a concept of illness. We have a concept of illness. The doctors don't.

Illness makes it possible to overcome scarcity, today, immediately, at any time. What matters: illness should no longer be a matter of the single one, the isolated, but the human species instead. That is why there is no diagnosis of single cases, but illness as an indication of what is missing, the absence of the species, illness at the same time already the anticipating glance of the human species.

Species that sounds unfamiliar to some people at first, you think of biology, mating, that is, something productive, something new comes into being, a child for example. But just take the expression human species as an indication that the human being is not finished as he or she is today in contrast to the animals. Precisely because we, unlike animals, are not fixed, we can make something out of illness, develop a relationship to illness in the first place. No one has a relationship to illness at first, unless it's an escape relationship, so let's get rid of it. But what is needed: no longer the many particular illnesses of the isolated ones, but instead the illness of all.

When we think of human species, we do not have to think of all 6 billion people in the world. From a conceptual-philosophical point of view, species is not simply the quantitative sum of all living human beings at a given time. Species is a qualitative concept that encompasses a unity of multitude [Vielheits-Einheit], a unity of multiversity. There are preliminary forms and intermediate stages. With us, this takes on real forms in the single one. Illness is the measure of how far progress has been made in abolishing the separations from each other. And even if it goes wrong, for the time being, it remains with illness. What is certain is that we are facing up to this task. Who else? We don't know. Not so few, as we partly know, partly hope, all from the illness branch, with and without world revolution as a lip service and cliff-edge statement [Lippen- und Klippenbekenntnis].

And we have already written some of it down, it is available at the KRRIM Publisher, which is therefore also called PF-Publisher pro Illness.

Once again, clearly and distinctly, what is new:

it's about illness and it has nothing to do with doctors, nothing to do with therapy, not even with alternative medicine, but with

1. patients themselves, international patients’ people, patients’ class

2. collective

3. reference to the future through illness, as a hint was mentioned human species, it is already starting today.

The main thing: do it!

It is time to oppose the medical class, the salvation front [HEILsfront],

an appropriate patients‘ front.


Translation: SPK/PF MFE Greece and SPK/PF(H), October 14, 2021