AIDS, SARS, Bird Flu, Swine Flu,

now: Ebola

Latest news (06.10.2014):

Meanwhile the structure of every virus was successfully decoded:

V = veiling of the social, iatro-capitalist condition of illness

 I = isolating people from each other

R = restraining the protest out of illness

U = undertaking an offensive against uproar

S = shooting down rising solidarity.

There was and is this virus only, phantasmal substratum of an extermination ideology against everything that is ill, subversive, insurrectionary.

And there are only these antibodies and no other: that’s the bodies of the people who are against it, in confontation against the medical doctors, in one word: patients’ front, patients’ class, transnational, in bodily confrontation against the doctors’ class.

The medical doctors’ class’ monopoly stands or falls with the trust the patient has in the doctor. That is the Achilles’ heel of the doctors’ class: the trust of the treated ones. Being accepted by society as a whole and in both its presumptions and under all circumstances and by one and by all, that is the life-line of iatrocracy.

Only who is pro illness and not against it, can break the medical spell of HEAL.

The pathopractic of confrontation:

If you see a doctor / Knock him down at once!

is in propagation and implementation, folk-tune-like, by the many, who are taught by experience and with a ready-to-jump immune defence system, at the same time offence system, strengthened by illness free of  medical doctors.


Here are three letters (previously published on Internet forums) we find important:

I find it difficult to judge the matter concerning Ebola in Africa correctly from here. Therefore, I look at what people do who live there. English reports say that about 1,000 people stormed a clinic and that they have destroyed it almost completely, also that people dig trenches so that medical snatch squads cannot get to their villages and that they take their relatives from the clinics.

The consumer of the standard media reporting says: As you can see, the natives have no idea of Western medicine, they just can’t understand how good Western medicine is for them. They are just superstitious. And in addition, they eat also fruit bats and similar stuff.

Does anyone seriously believe that the people there are such foolish and that it is really so as they say that they are eating fruit bats for years and, while many of them die after the consumption of the meat, the others continue to munch merrily fruit bat steaks, while they are bleeding already from all body orifices?!

In order to judge the situation in Africa correctly, we can only rely on our own experiences with epidemics and vaccinations in our own countries.

Just think of the "terrible monsterhorrorbrutalgruesome Swine Flu Epidemic – Pandemic", that never existed. From that you could learn a lot about the political use of disease terror propaganda, who benefited from it, but also that the attempts to intimidate and terrorize had failed in depth, back in 2009.

In the Internet there is a collection of materials on this issue in which useful criteria are given to properly judge the actual situation in Africa. Just Google: Swine Flu + Doctatorship (see links below).

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Reading the media reports on Ebola, there are three things that are striking: it’s all about money, the exercise of power and rebellion.

Money: the World Bank has provided 200 million dollars. For what or for whom? "For the purchase of medical products."

Exercise of power: The WHO has established a de facto (counter-) government in eleven West African countries. This super-government imposed on the local governments is now ruling eleven states, a fifth of all the countries of the continent. And that this coup d’état is succeeding so smoothly and inconspicuously is only due to the fact that it calls itself "disease control".

Rebellion: Reports say that about 1,000 people stormed a clinic and that they have destroyed it almost completely, also that people dig trenches so that medical snatch squads cannot get to their villages and that they take their relatives from the clinics.

So, there is resistance and there are struggles. What is the fighting about? Ultimately, the fighting is about illness, what illness is, where it comes from and who is responsible for it. This is fundamentally different from people sitting at the doctor’s and swallowing just anything. Trust in the medical doctors has been destroyed. Is all this a matter specific to Africa, a matter that concerns only poor countries?

There are researchers, interested only in facts and adverse to any conspiracy theory, who have warned against the modern medicine’s potentiality for enslavement.

In fact it's the Iatrocracy on a world-wide scale and the text with the same name can be found on the internet. This fundamental text attacks the medical doctors' class, the white army, which is organised world-wide, the medical doctors' class, which is the only ruling class of nowadays. The text originates from the pathopractice of patients in confrontation, from their struggle against the medical doctors' class – a struggle meanwhile lasting more than 40 years –, and it's for everyone interested in acquiring the know-how of effective resistance and counterattacking against the international doctors' class. Here, in Africa, everywhere.

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Also with regard to Ebola, all hope is pinned on research. I think this is just nothing but a PR strategy launched by the Medical Business with the aim to land billions of dollars. Recently they have met in London, have invoked the scary specter of Alzheimer, and all the Heads of government gathered there got down on their knees and outdid themselves in their commitments to provide "funds for research". But does illness really need nothing as urgent as therapy? In the same way as the nightmare sits on the sleeper’s chest and torments him with frightening dreams, therapy bears down on illness.

Illness does not want therapy; it wants liberation and change instead.

In Africa, children are dying because the water they drink is dirty. The medical business sells drugs against diarrhea. Can the medical business have an interest in ensuring that there is a functioning water supply there?

Generally speaking: Can Medicine have an interest in ensuring that the social conditions change for the better, that exploitation is pushed back, that living together is rather determined by togetherness and cooperation than by competiveness, and that the people are ultimately made less sick?

When back in 1970 and the following years the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK) proceeded to attack Medicine and therapy, one could read in the Aerzteblatt, the official Journal of the German Medical Association, that the doctors deplored not to have deployed battle tanks against the patients. For more on this issue, see the Internet: Iatro-Imperialism.


MFE Greece and MFE craencStw


Patients’ Front / Socialist Patients’ Collective, PF/SPK(H), September 6th, 2014

The word "virus" comes from the doctors. The meaning of this word from old Latin is: poison.
Who are the ones who are poisoning others?

All the doctors’ rubbish to the dump, cause no-one no more wants their junk

Humanitarian catastrophe?
Stop the medical doctors’ iatrobiontic warfare against all people!
Make front against it!

The WHO-swines make the flu that does not exist (The doctors themselves don't want to be vaccinated. Guess why?!) Away with the medical doctors’ health dictatorship!

The WHO-swines: their German henchmen (the Robert-Koch-Institute, the Permanent Commission on Vaccination, the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, the local public health offices) under Criminal Charges!

Continuation of the criminal complaint against the WHO henchmen (additional incriminating evidence). Latest News, Conclusions, Outlook

Patients' Front Chases Away Vaccination Iackers and the Children are Happy. The Medical Doctors Attempted a Compulsory Vaccination, but the Doctatorship Failed

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