The following clarification was also distributed as a leaflet
at the "moving history" Film Festival (Potsdam, Germany) on September 22, 2017

Watch out! Poisoners of the human species at work!

Gerd Kroske does not make a film about the Socialist Patients’ Collective (SPK). He shoots a film without SPK, a film against the SPK. He distorts things. But no matter how he and others may twist and turn it around: the SPK as the beginning of history of the human species cannot be eliminated by no-one, not by the medical doctors’ class, not by its appendixes.

We, the SPK/Patients’ Front, those who have stuck to it and the new ones who have joined it since then and continue, have rejected any cooperation with Mr. Kroske. And this because of his blatant hostility against the illness’ collective.

The SPK (1970/71), its collectively liberated forces of illness (collective body of warmth) – prevailing more than 17 months against all resistance of medicine, politics and society –, its contents, theory and pathopractice can never become the subject of a film. The effects of the forces of illness creating a new reality and blasting away the existing one, in principle, do not fit into the iatrocapitalistic scope of exploitation of the commodity film. All that remains are exclusively sensationalistically storied events. That is to say marketability. Thus, no SPK.

In view of the occasion (see below), we had written to Mr. Kroske in January 2017 already:




KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness, Mannheim

To: realistfilm, Gerd Kroske, Berlin

To: Mailing list

Mannheim, 15.01.2017

Subject: Socialist Patients’ Collective / Patients’ Front, SPK/PF(H)

Ref: Project "Psycho-RAF? A History of the SPK", author / director Gerd Kroske

Phone call from 13.01.2017 on our answering machine from a phone number of the realistfilm, Berlin (as we found out). Name of the caller not recognisable, without naming the company, ordering a "DVD about the SPK".


You are prohibited from using any SPK and SPK/PF(H) materials, whether books, writings, tape cassettes or videos/DVDs.

Copyrights and rights of use are with the front patient Huber, SPK/PF(H), W.D., Dr. med., and with the KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness. This also applies to books that have appeared in past editions by other publishers, e.g. "SPK – Turn Illness into a Weapon". Included are also all published texts of the website

The sensationalist tabloid-style announcement of your film project entitled "Psycho-RAF?" reveals your illness- and patients-hostile objective. A lurid title in order to collect money from film funding agencies, funds that are forcibly collected via taxes from the sick public and that are now used for a film that re-enforces the reactionary side of illness, to the detriment exactly of this sick public.

SPK and SPK/PF(H) had and have nothing to do neither with "Psycho" nor with the patients-hostile Riege Arischer Feldwebel (RAF) [Aryan sergeants majors’ squad – so-called Red Army Faction], but it has to do with illness against Iatro-capitalism.

It is ascertained by court decision:
None of those who were sentenced because of SPK was ever sentenced because of RAF.
None of those who were sentenced because of RAF was ever sentenced because of SPK.

Our concept of illness and our pathopractices go beyond any scope – all "art-creating", "cultural" media included – and does not fit in with any medically-coined exchange-, commodity- and value-mechanics. Illness is and remains weapon of change and recognition.
The revolutionary contents of the SPK, namely: pro illness, warfare against the medical class as the strategic point of attack, illness as first glance of species, utopathy, diapathics, pathopractice, these contents are not marketable.

Our concept of illness does not fit into the profit-oriented and by medical norms controlled framework of the media. From this false frame only false reports and forgeries can follow when it comes to the revolutionary side of illness, be it with respect to the concept of illness, be it with respect to the SPK/PF(H). Without pro-illness orientation and pathopractice even the most participatory and sympathetic observation is null and void.

As far as we, SPK/PF(H), are concerned, we neither want to be read nor to be filmed, nor blared or tootled, but, wherever possible, we want to be continued, no!, surpassed.
Who believes he can squeeze the SPK and SPK/PF(H) into the dominating medical value mechanics, is not only completely wrong but he is also liable to prosecution according to both the Civil Code and the Criminal Code (infringement of copyright and personal rights, use of original materials in the wrong context, false reference, defamation, incitement of the people).

KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness


This our letter of refusal to Mr. Kroske after on 13.01.2017 he had tried in vain – incognito and without naming the intended purpose – to order our SPK-Video as usable image and sound material. So, at this first contact already he had tried to act behind our back.

Kroske does not make a film about the SPK. He shoots a film about what he and others, who have professedly dissociated and still dissociate themselves from the SPK, imagine being SPK, after they have been drinking their ass off with media shit for 46 years. The working title of his film alone, subtly (Kroske calls it "critically") provided with a question mark, clearly demonstrates to what extent they have pumped themselves full with media shit for 46 years. We have thwarted Kroske’s attempt to enrich his filmed booziness with sensationalist media adulteration with SPK-authentic sound and image materials.

In his reply email dated 16.01.2017, he assured that he always "deals with the subject of his cinematographic interest", "undertakes thorough research", "informs himself", and that he "has been dealing with the events of the SPK for several years".

When this did not catch on us, in his second contact attempt he tried to approach us – this time with an official letter from his film company – in a confidential manner with "birthday wishes" to "Dr. Huber". Enclosed therein a DVD, touted as "a rare film", of all things, about so-called "anti-psychiatry". The SPK has and never had anything to do with so-called anti-psychiatry. Trying to trick us with "anti-psychiatry" shows Mr. Kroske’s bottomless ignorance towards the SPK. We sent him back his DVD by return mail.

He also could have known that the front patient Huber, founder of the SPK and of the Patients’ Front, has always resolutely opposed any personality-based because anti-collective secession attempt. Note: revolutionary externalisation of illness = indivisible species. "Only illness bears and determines what passes from individual to individual, whereas what passes from person to person, that is from mask to mask, is already theatre, catharsis even, and in its genuine relationship to illness, ice-cold antipathy, accelerated heat-death" (Huber, 1977/78).

The newly founded film festival "moving history" (subtitle: Festival of the Historical Film, Potsdam/Germany, September 2017) came just right to spit the cops’ lies and media shit poisonously to the species on the commodity market. In his announcement of his "workshop talk" and allegedly "after years of dealing" with the SPK, Mr. Kroske – immune against facts, and that as a documentary filmmaker! – manages to connect people with the SPK (Bernd Roessner, Ralf Baptist Friedrich) who never had anything to do with the SPK, who were not a single day in the SPK, who never set foot in the SPK rooms in Heidelberg!

For his film-interviews, Mr. Kroske has no one from the SPK, no one who has stayed with and continued the SPK, no one who is PRO illness and against anything that has to do with medicine and doctors. Instead he has to resort to people who have been away from the SPK for more than four decades, who no longer wanted to have anything to do with the SPK and its fight against the medical doctors’ class. The ones he gets in front of the camera are only those who have stayed away, who have renounced their patientness and walked away, thus only those who never have approached the contents of illness even by only fractions of a millimeter, or affronted the medical class and the primary (proto-)medical modern euthaNAZIsm, let alone affront it now.

What resounds through these so-called contemporary witnesses, is 46-years-long media shit about the SPK, normois and illness-hostile poison to the human species in the interest of the medical class, which, since the SPK, fears nothing more than that the sick (and who is not?) turn illness into a revolutionary weapon.

So, who will have his say in the movie? For example, a Dr. med. Dietmar Hoehne. At the time of the SPK he was a doctor and the chief of Release, a housing community for drug addicts in Heidelberg. In absolute contrast to the SPK, he surrendered himself to the dictatorship of the Faculty of Medicine and its accomplice, Lord Mayor Reinhold Zundel, and he explicitly outdistanced himself from the SPK in order to be allowed to continue his little medical job. Years later withdrawal of his license to practice medicine because of drug things. In the 1980s regaining his license. Since then practicing again as a doctor. He was a doctor, wanted to stay a doctor and is one still today.

The Drs. Huber, in contrast: they did not want their license to practice medicine back. They refuse to share even the license to practice medicine with KZ-doctors such as for example Dr. Josef Mengele, Dr. Hans Muench and Dr. Kurt Borm (their license to practice medicine has not been withdrawn to this very day!).

Or Lutz Taufer? Most recently he publicly stated that the only collective experiences he ever made in his whole life, something that he has never found anywhere else, and what he still draws on today, come exclusively from his time in the SPK. But not a word from him that he was in the SPK as a patient, that the SPK was all about collective illness, the revolutionary side of illness, something that had never come into being before in world history.

After the Socialist Patients‘ Collective, he and others had joined the professedly patient-free RAF, where only those were allowed to join in who were clinically clean from all SPK-contents, who had betrayed everything and renounced everything that was related to the SPK, to illness and revolution, to the new-revolution by virtue of illness. Anyone who joined the RAF later, hadn’t been SPK anymore for long.
Nobody was in the RAF as an SPK-patient, no Lutz Taufer, no Klaus Juenschke, no Margrit Schiller, no Sieglinde Hoffmann, no Carmen Roll.

In the meantime, we, the SPK / Patients’ Front, would not need to care about all this, except as stock of our inalienable, illness-vigorous collective memory. Since 1970/71 the SPK – in its continuity as SPK / Patients’ Front – has prevailed worldwide. There are our publications in the most important world languages, there exist SPK/PF(MFE) in Austria, Spain, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Canada, Brazil and many other countries.

But what we care about entirely in the interest of the patients’ class: The state of the world is illness. Anyone can get ill anywhere in the world, anytime, have been ill already for long and they are labeled, diagnosed, selected and exploited accordingly by the doctors.

The answer of the doctors’ class to the worldwide growing problem of illness:

Whom does it serve? All those who want to continue just as before with their disastrous policy of compromises to maintain power, maximise profits and personal enrichment of a few. The medical doctors’ class ensures that the protest out of illness is kept down, the doctors, therefore, the most important guarantors of the system, the medical doctors’ class itself the all-dominant ruling class, unobtrusive and well-camouflaged.

Only the SPK / Patients’ Front has solutions to the worldwide problem illness, doctor-free solutions, solutions pro illness, for the sick. No promises of HEAL and HEALTH, no extermination, no selection, no euthaNAZIsm, but doctor-free collectivisation of illness, collectively working on illness, collectively producing the human species instead!

It concerns those who live today, who need the strength of illness, the life force of the SPK, much more than the peers of that time in the SPK. Not only for bringing about revolutionary change but also for their existential survival in the iatrocapitalist landscape of devastation.

None of all that with Kroske. Instead, marketable banalities and medically normed templates and labels such as "self-empowerment", "custodial psychiatry", "anti-psychiatry", "rights of psychiatric patients", "controversial therapeutic methods", "German Autumn" and "Stammheim", for the purpose of falsification of history in the interest of those in power, anything but: "moving history". Out of proportion to the SPK, light-years away from the SPK and from the new-revolution by virtue of illness.

After all, for other media shitheads it once was possible (1971) to at least hint the all form-blasting strength of illness of the SPK: If it becomes clear, and the SPK had demonstrated it, that capitalism and illness belong inseparably together, then this is a social explosive with unforeseeable consequences. – For whom? For those in power, above all for the all-dominant and ruling doctors’ class.

Mr. Kroske is not concerned about the SPK. For that alone he lacks the philosophical and political prerequisites of understanding. But what he lacks above all is the relation to his own illness and even more to illness as a social fact. Also, he does not even meet the minimal requirements in the matter of research and material collection, an admission of failure for someone who calls himself a "documentary filmmaker". He is concerned about his personal career and the increase in value as a film-director. For this he tries to twist the SPK so that it fits into the scope of exploitation also of this film festival.

Anyone who is really interested in the history of the SPK and in how it has proceeded until present as SPK/PF(H) can resort to the following writings of illness:

Find it all at KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness and also, accessible for all, in our international library of the specified illness-application: (more than 1.200 texts).

Socialist Patients’ Collective / Patients’ Front =
cosmic-social revolutionary reality-effectiveness of illness

The amorphous body of warmth is in the transition from the divine [Gottung] to the species [Gattung] binding thermomimetics, older than the world and newer than the collective Nine.

Huber, 2006


Translation: MFE Greece, MFE craencStw

Socialist Patients’ Collective / Patients’ Front, SPK/PF(H), 11.02.2018

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