All the doctors’ rubbish to the dump, cause no-one no more wants their junk

Early summer 2009: the international doctors’ class, that plague of mankind, has again proclaimed a world epidemic. Doctatorship’s HEAL-terrorist scaremongering: Those who would not have themselves vaccinated would have to expect malady and death.

Now, in November 2011, the vaccine is burned as hazardous waste, nobody wants it, nobody all over the world. Hardly anybody had themselves vaccinated.

What had happened?

The shock strategy, the therapeutic terror, had gone pop without any effect, the ghosts of HEAL couldn’t scare anybody.

People knew the exorcism formula:

If you see a doctor / knock him down at once.

This had strengthened defence, enormously. This life-supporting magic formula has been effectively in use massively all over the world. Thanks to the SPK, just 40 years strong! Thanks to the transnational patients‘ class!

And it was not for some "critical information", available on the internet, which has led to this defeat of iatrocracy – like the WHO chief complained.

Only confrontation is information.

"Enlightening", "revealing" and "criticising" are long since incorporated and exploited as that welcome extra something in the soup of pseudo-democracy, easy to consume, doesn’t attack anybody, doesn’t sweep away a single doctor.

Trust in the doctors is down the drain and that is consequence and result of confrontation. Confrontation against the doctors and solidarity among each other, that is what it’s all about. The medical doctors‘ class’ monopoly stands or falls with the trust the patient has in the doctor. That is the Achilles’ heel of the doctors’ class: the trust of the treated ones. Being accepted by society as a whole and in both its presumptions and under all circumstances and by one and by all, that ist the life-line of iatrocracy.

The axe has been laid to their root, since the beginning of SPK and increasingly to this day.

There has never been a plague, never a pandemic. 2007 already, two years earlier thus, the medical doctors’ class had put governments all over the world under pressure to buy some medical doctors’ class rubbish (called vaccine, hazardous waste in its composition, deadly substance in its effects). Far and wide no mentioning of "swine flu" at this point. Nothing but scaremongering stage-managed by the doctatorship for the purpose of holding down people! Therapism = terrorism. In terms of criminal law: attempted murder on a mass-scale, forming terrorist organisations, war against the own population.

"Billion profits for the pharmaceutical industry"? Yes, that too. But that’s distraction from the medical doctors’ class.


no research without medical doctors

no approval for active substances without medical doctors

no administering without medical doctors

no epidemics alert without medical doctors.

The medical doctors are in command.

Confrontation against the medical doctors’ class and pro illness, that’s what it’s all about. Only those who are pro illness and not against it can break the medical spell of HEAL. Everything depends on the illusion "health" –, something which never has existed and which never will exist, except as a product of illusion, nourishing Nazism in all its past and coming variations (HEILwesen).

There are more and more groups, formed by special forces of illness, developing real in-dividuation (MFE-collectives, MFE = Multi-Focal Expansionism). This is the true infection, ignition and inflammation, the igniting wildfire, the insurrectionary illness festivity of revolutionary pathopractics!

Make use of your own experiences about illnesses and put fantasy into action!

All the doctors’ rubbish to the dump, cause no-one no more wants their junk! Keep it up!

PF/SPK(H), 11th of December 2011

Latest announcement (Columbia):
Patients' Front Chases Away Vaccination Iackers and the Children are Happy. The Medical Doctors Attempted a Compulsory Vaccination, but the Doctatorship Failed


What we wanted to revolutionise so far?

Answer: the revolution, from our earliest beginnings up to the present day

The state of the world is illness. What is to be done?

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