For our people

The dog that in the iackers’ stable dwells,
After our heels is striding,
And all the while his noisy yells
But show that we are riding.

Things falsely related to each other that have been refuted and disproved long ago do not become true by copying and repeating them over and over again. Hackneyed stale stories will not become strong again by stretching them on 500 pages, as is anew the case with Pross. The whole thing, a makeup of juxtaposed and scrappy statements of so-called contemporary witnesses, is nothing but a word-salad poisonous to the human species, of no use to anybody who wants to start, namely to change the world by the strength of being ill, on both a small and a large scale, in every place, now, instantly. In short: no concern to illness, iackershit.

The medical doctors’ class, and with it the physician Dr. med. Christian Pross, has been chasing after the SPK for 47 years now, after the skins and bodies of the patients, their "patients good", which has been outswimming them against the tide.
SPK 1970/71: The beginning of history of the human species. Uncatchable, unsurpassable. No all-party rule of medical health norm, no normoisie-mega-sect can lock it up again.

It’s been 47 years now that the confrontation-patients of SPK/PF(H) have been taking "their" illness in their own hands, collectivising "their" illness, together liberating illness and themselves from the medical norm of HEAL. By the patients’ appropriation and collectivisation of "their" illness, the iatrocapitalist property policy has been struck in its innermost vital nerve, the nerve centre of subjectivity. With the collectivisation of illness, authentic communism was and is targeted, of flesh and blood, namely of one’s own: It was and it is about the appropriation and strengthening of essential human forces, about the collective appropriation of the generally binding illness as human species in its indivisibility-individuality.
Since the SPK the medical doctors’ class is hurt in its innermost core and has been forced once and for ever onto the defensive by this irrecoverable exemplary loss of its control over illness.

Then, as now, the medical doctors’ class aims its attacks especially at the front patient Huber. In the absence of a leftist-theoretical better term, as he said, Peter Brueckner termed the illness-inversive creation of the human species initiated by the founder of the SPK, Huber, W.D., Dr. med., as "class treason", and we liked it nevertheless, as for the sake of the human species there can’t be anything better than the treason against the medical doctors’ class, in unrestrained and wholehearted taking sides with the patients’ class – the SPK its very first beginning.

From the very beginning, in the patients’ collective founded on illness, and in the later SPK, it was agreed upon that domination, oppression, and hierarchy are quite out of place when it comes to illness. It was precisely the front patient Huber, who saw to it that the top signifier of all oppression has been broken once and for all, the top signifier, the medical doctor, and with him all the signifying chains of oppression since the primordial beginnings and everywhere. The entire medical class-diagnostic terror of HEAL was broken in and by the SPK, including all the crap of iatrocapitalist property-coined signifying, also in its psychoanalytic form: transference, object-relationship, self-esteem, feeling of guilt, loss of love, etc. All this had been collectively replaced by the material dialectics based on the analysis of commodities: agitation instead of therapy, as its result intensification and potentialisation of the collective force of illness instead of the private appropriation of illness in the doctor-patient relationship – illness common to all as a revolutionary means of production of the human species instead of medical transformation of the single illness into money, the substitute of the human species.

In 1970/71, people of all ages and from all social classes found acceptance and took refuge in the SPK with "their" illness. In contrast to all medical university institutions – and also to the then SDS (Socialist German Students League) – nobody was rejected, no one excluded. The mass growth of the SPK up to finally 500 patients – result of the exponentially increasing intake capacity due to the collectivisation of illness – was and still is today, after 47 years, a perpetual annoyance of and an unerasable existential threat to the medical doctors’ class. And that is precisely one of the central accusations especially against the front patient Wolfgang Huber. The solution of the problem of mass misery, given by the collectivisation of illness by the SPK, together with the expulsion of the patients from the clinic, reveals to this day and also in the future the total bankruptcy not only of the Heidelberg university medicine but also of the medical doctors’ class as a whole. The threat of legal reprisals made by the counterparty, especially against Huber W.D., Dr. med., because of denial of assistance in the event of a refusal or some kind of exclusion of a patient, eventually ran out and came to nothing in every respect because of the collectivisation of illness which had been carried out long before.

In continuation of the openness of the SPK towards the outside its working groups and general assemblies were public. In the SPK everyone who wanted wrote flyers at any time of day or night. In full confidence in the increased and potentiated consciousness of illness, we resolved the aimless and by the external pressure intensified protest of the patients against each other and against themselves, in a jointly target-oriented pathopractic, solidary cooperation and reciprocal self-control (single agitation, group agitation, working groups). The respective state of both the collective as well as the individual consciousness of illness found its immediate pathopractical expression: the diversity of illnesses on the path to the illness that all share in common, to specified illness, to the human species.

Especially leftist groups (Project Group Medicine of the then medical student of medicine and today’s Dr. med. Christian Pross) tried to patronise or ignore on purpose the objectively collective status, already present from the very first early stage of the later SPK – precisely this collective status that was honored by the Heidelberg clinic with a house ban against the patients and Dr. Huber.* In their lack of practice, which they were selling as theory, the patients were regarded as a quantité négligeable of their political claims, which they narrowed down in their profession-specific that is class-specific perspective to the elimination of the shortage of doctors, the agitation of the nursing staff and the classless hospital. Abstract aloof dogmatism from the year dot (early 19th century workers’ movement). They were trying to vanish and convert the rebellious and reality-bursting collective force of illness of the patients’ collective into a conflict between employer and employee, or to re-label it as a "case Huber" – and Dr. med. Pross does this still today. We confronted this aloof reluctance to reality, hostile to illness and patients, of the left, of the medical students and future doctors, with the dialectics of illness and capitalismillness as a revolutionary productive force! Thereby, in the concrete situation of the patients’ collective, we have broken once and for all with the object and sacrificial role for which the patients are intended by the medical doctors’ class – a break that was not meant to be in the preconceived aloof schematism of these leftist patients cheaters. And certainly not to expose themselves to the illness-collectivising "interior view"** of their own illness-affectedness and to take a decision in favour of illness (pro-illness-decision). Instead, they decided to form a "psycho"-group with video recorders, LSD and medically controlled "self-awareness" in the SPK-hostile Psychosomatic University Clinic – as a rust-protective agent against illness.

* Even today, and not just in Berlin, Dr. med. Pross is known and notorious for the fact that he is acknowledging even the slightest hint of a doctor-free approach with furious polemics and attacks, with all signs of panic that the "affected" may, however rudimentary, slip away from the medical control!

** "Interior view of the SPK": this is the topic Pross boasts about presenting his bookish fictions as "new", but they are just re-hackneyed and falsified (see above).

A few opposed us by openly representing the interests of the clinic. At that time already, Pross, in collaboration with the university medical class, tried to divide the patients’ collective into "good" and "bad" patients, a "good" clinic-Huber and a "bad" SPK-Huber, anticipating and exercising the medical-class maxim of the "divide et impera", according to the style of the ancient Roman archiaters. Note: Our super-Huber and our sub-Huber, our guru and leading wolf, was and is illness, quite down-to-earth, not to say: intellurectal.

And those who took French leave from the SPK, who stayed away without returning, as well as those who distanced themselves from the SPK?* Threatened by the Patients’ Front? 1978: Direct confrontation, sought by front patients against doctors, a hunger-striking front patient against the medical director of the Hohenasperg prison hospital – the latter a former, temporary participant in the SPK – now as medical doctor responsible for imprisonment and torture. Result: The doctor was directly confronted by the patients’ resistance, offended and hurt by the strenght of illness, and so he quit service.

Traitors? With the abandonment and the renouncement of their illness-protest, collectively conquered in the SPK, they are betraying first and foremost "their" illness, and themselves, revealing themselves up to recognisability of their person = mask, through which resounds the multiform echo of the commodity exchange mechanics made of egoisms, value, competition, value mirroring, self-esteem, balancing the books, debt import and export – symptoms of "their" privately appropriated and privately managed illness. They do not only betray "their" illness but also the illness of the private patients and statutory health insurance patients who still come to them – because many of those who have spoken out in Pross’ book as the ones who have stayed away or taken their distance from the SPK are physicians, or the major part of them are at least belonging within the gravitational field of medical doctors. In this case we will spare ourselves making a list of all the accomplished facts created by the front patient Huber and by the confrontation patients of the Patients’ Front, accomplished facts by which these distance-takers who departed from the SPK have been and are protected from threats, attacks, betrayals, court trials, persecution and falsehoods – originating from the terror of the medical doctors’ class, including the threat of prosecution by their accomplices in state and the judiciary; they are part and parcel of our inalienable, i.e. thanks to illness’ strength inalienable collective memory. To make them subject to a rectification would be an experiment on an unsuitable subject.

* The pluralis majestatis (royal "we") abused in connection with "doom", hostile to the SPK, by one who had distanced himself from the SPK 46 years ago (compare the title of Pross’ book: "We wanted to rush to our doom") – in a deceiving rear-projection of his elective-selective and hostile to illness infatuation (Hegel) onto the collective "We" of the SPK – had and has to do with the SPK only insofar as the SPK fought, fights and will fight against the doom in each of its iatro-capitalist forms, and this by the strength of illness.

And the archiaters? We encounter them again in the archives of the ruling medical doctors’ class – and there is no other rulership in all past societies than the violence of value (iatrarchy) medically programmed (in the past: by priest-doctors) and ruling through every pore. And consequently, Pross, expressing his gratitude, is using the archives of those of his kind. Whereas the SPK, fighting medical rulership, is acknowledged by Pross and his publisher with a: "Cover layout … by use of the book cover of an SPK writing: SPK – Turn illness into a weapon", a use for the purpose of creating false relations and, above all, of increasing sales. Deceived by the "use" of the SPK book cover on the cover of Pross’ spreadings, the one and the other interested reader – as they have let us know – took his book, believing to hold one of the SPK’s writings of illness in his/her hands, but noticing the difference while turning the pages they put it aside. This does not diminish the general interest in our writings of illness at all. We shall continue to put them by and by in our electronic newspaper, in all common world languages, so that everyone can read our writings of illness in the original.

Neither the patients’ class nor the SPK/PF(H) as a very first beginning can be hit by this kind of media-political ephemeral dayflies – we have taken our precautions. After all, they try to hit the SPK and the SPK/PF(H) where it never was, never is and never will be.

Our written warning from 2012, whiningly perceived by Pross as a "threatening letter", has proven its effectiveness. He has become cautious in what he writes about the SPK. He has to verbosely resort to others (so-called "contemporary witnesses") to make them say what he himself would have liked to say, especially false relations disproved long since.

During the last 47 years the forces of illness, first activated and set in motion free of medical doctors since the SPK in 1970/71, have been outgrowing – also multi-focal – the medical doctors’ class and their control and treatment technologies. The patients’ class cannot be hit by false allegations handed down and copied again and again by copyists, quite often supported by media-drunken distance-takers and normoisie-recidivists. After all, the worldwide significance of today’s SPK as SPK/PF(H), based on results, multi-focal expansion and breaking also of the foundations of the science of nature is worldwide out of question. To the permanent vital nerve-killing damage of the medical doctors’ class.

The KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness has filed an application for a cease and desist order against the publisher Psychiatrie Verlag at the local district court of Mannheim for reasons of protection of the right of use (Amtsgericht Mannheim case number 14 C 1536/17). However, it was not acceptable for us to comply with the district court judge’s referral to the one-way street of judicial formalisms such as the issues of litigation value and jurisdiction competence. Illness is disproportionate and has no relation to value, to litigation value. Illness, as the non-value per se, litigates and opposes exclusively to destructive, human life-dispising conditions that have placed value in the centre of their medically programmed and controlled murder market logic.


Editorial collective
On behalf of KRRIM – PF-Publisher pro Illness


(to be continued)